Sunday 26 January 2020

Will Fake-Brexit be the awakening of the British?

In the next few days, the UK will pretend to leave the European Union; the question is, who will believe it? And among those who do believe it; how long will it take to realise their mistake?

It has taken the English working classes 20 years to realise that the Labour Party hates them, and to stop voting for them compulsively, reflexively and en masse. I don't think it will take the first generation Conservative voters that long to realise they have been lied to about Brexit.

That will complete the disillusionment, and render the bulk of the people fixed in political scepticism and with nobody to vote for - no perceived positive option, for the first time in... well, probably hundreds of years.

Nobody to vote for, and the comprehensive recognition (thanks to the unrestrained viciousness of the campaign of Brexit sabotage) that the entirety of the UK Establishment are united in hatred of the British (especially English) people.

All this is for the best; as we enter the new era of totalitarian omni-surveillance and micro-control, it is vital that people recognise the genuine purposive evil served by those who run the nation (and the world).

Of course, evil is a difficult recognition, given the mindless hedonic materialism of modern people - those who disbelieve in 'evil spirits' in practice find it impossible genuinely to believe in evil purpose, or even to understand what it entails. And thereby render themselves helpless against it.

Still, a recognition of the malign intent of the entire Establishment that running politics, the mass media, law, police and the military, education, civil service, charities, arts, science & technology, mainline churches, corporations etc etc; would be a valuable first step towards weaning oneself from addiction-to, and manipulation-by, the fake virtual world that They have created.


Cererean said...

What do you think about the Wuhan coronavirus? A plot by the powers that be to cull the population... or a divine wind sent to shatter the global system? Or just the random vicissitudes of fate?

'They' definitely seem scared by it, going to great lengths to keep it contained in a way that doesn't require shutting down the global system. I'm not conspiracy minded enough to think it's a bioweapon. I honestly think this has taken the powers of the earth by surprise.

Bruce Charlton said...

@C - I don't have any thoughts on the subject, I'm afraid; I don't even know the basic facts (as opposed to what the mass media say).

Faculty X said...

One month before the first cases of the Wuhan corona virus the Chinese government met and announced the Bible and Koran must be re-written to conform to the government's political agenda.

The Old Testament says you can't do that sort of thing without upsetting the Almighty. Such could lead to His Wrath, which manifested at times as plague.

Bruce Charlton said...

@FX - That's a strange comment - I thought you did not believe in God; least of all a God who operates in that fashion, is motivated in that way?

Faculty X said...

I'm not much of a believer but I notice certain patterns and wonder...

The Old Testament has my attention for a few different reasons these days.

Bruce Charlton said...

@FX - I don't believe that God uses plagues to discipline/ punish masses of people; although he may allow evil its self-destructive will, and to take the consequences of evil, especially when that may tend to lead to repentence.

But this example strikes me as a poor candidate, for many reasons. Not least, the Chinese is an honest example of political oppression of religion - everyone knows where they stand, and of itself such behaviour may tend to lead to a Christian backlash and revival.

Meanwhile, here in The West, the Bible has been *covertly* and incrementally poisoned by exactly the same rewriting of scripture in line with politics; but happening over a few generations, and with the changes pretending to be due to more exact 'modern' Biblical scholarship.

In the end, Christian ethics has been inverted with sexual transgression and abnormality given the highest status; and permanent loving marriage between a man and a woman, and a stable and loving family, being demonised (on political grounds).

Of the two, the Western way seems to be much worse - more insidious, calculated, strategic - than the Chinese.

Faculty X said...

Ok, the Western way is worse and what has happened? Westerners are losing, have lost, far more in tandem with those transgressions than the Chinese.

If we are to see it from an OT perspective the West is also being Replaced due to Pride in disbelief. Replaced by those who worship.

OT would say lose Jehovah and you lose your nation and people. Not a matter of needing faith to see - it's happening in the West.

OT would say your government demands a change to the Word of God and you will have warnings like plague - also just happened in China.

You say you don't believe God uses plagues to punish people yet that's not what the OT says - it's totally explicit that God uses plagues (recall the Wrath of Jehovah at King David's taking of the census).

There is a Hebrew translation scholar online, Jeff Brenner, who says the correct translation of the Commandment to not take God's name in vain is to not change the character of Jehovah.

People may want Him to be a certain way but it may be ... As it is.

Bruce Charlton said...

In my book Thought Prison (see sidebar) I make clear that I believe that our only choice is the choice of religion - and having rejected, and more recently hating, God (any God, all that is spiritual) the West has certainly doomed itself. So far we agree.

There is no point in trying to calibrate the rightness of religions in terms of national success (that ephemeral thing) - although while the West was devoutly Christian, it dominated the world.

But you are trying to *use* religion, which is neither to be religious nor devout - but to be political, primarily. And that is the root of the problem of the West.