Wednesday 29 July 2020

Because we are *already* living in the Black Iron Prison - 'resistance' really is futile

We are already living in the Black Iron Prison; and since earlier this year we know that this jail is global - with nowhere to escape into (only places where the restrictions and rules are currently somewhat less onerous).

Once you have taken this on board, you will realise that this ought to put to an end all this talk of socio-politically 'resisting' the imposition of worldwide totalitarianism. So far as our socio-political status is concerned; we are 'assimilated' into The Borg/ The Matrix/ The System; and Resistance Is Futile

Too late: it's happened.  It has been imposed. (Past tense.)

The revolution has won. Any action to do more than delay the Great Reset - any action to change to a fundamentally different and better direction - would entail a counter-revolution; and seeing the broad support of the BIP it could not be a 'mass' revolution.

The ruling classes are on-board with the programme; and far too many of the masses are clamouring for more oppression, faster, please!

And anyway, a counter-rev to what we had before 2020 would not be worth having - since it was pointing and pushing this way. So it would need to be a new revolution. And to be better; it would need to be a new and Christian revolution.

But it turns-out that the Christian church leadership are in-bed-with the new regime, support the program, and have closed the churches and all-but ceased their activities (gathering, worship, singing, ritual... and - most significantly - sacraments).

There are individual real Christians distributed across and outside-of the pseudo-Christian churches; but when did scattered individuals ever mount a successful revolution? And (more importantly) when was such a revolution ever a change for the better?

So, let's stop pretending that there is any meaningful hope of resistance, revolution or any other socio-political mechanism for fundamental change. The System will have-to unfold according to its own evil, and thus self-loathing and self-destructive, tendencies.

Let us instead do what actually can be done - what our religion insists that we ought to be doing; as individual Christians, working on our selves and with those we love; and any real Christians that happen to be in our vicinity.

We are compelled, for lack of any viable alternative, to stop being political and to put everything into being spiritual. And is that such a bad thing?


Anonymous said...

In keeping with the tone of your most recent posts, it would seem that you are expecting a longer game to play out, rather than an imminent global economic collapse/other civilization ending catastrophe? Personally my intuition tells me that seems less likely everyday that goes by since the status anxiety of earlier in the summer...At any rate it is too exhausting and demotivating to live as though the world will end tomorrow and in order to retain sanity/forward growth it seems that we must get on with the central business of participating and growing a loving family (and it's longer term plans for those involved) irrespective of the radically shifting uncertainty in the world system we are unavoidably part of. On cannot raise children without preparing for the next steps, as each one approaches...


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

"It has been imposed. (Past tense.)"

Present tense, perfect aspect! Now write it down a hundred times.

Bruce Charlton said...

@David - "it would seem that you are expecting a longer game to play out"

That isn't actually what I assume; but what will be will be - I'm not going to try and convince others.

@Wm - Yikes! I could pretend that 'Past tense' was an instruction, rather than a description; but the fact is I don't understand descriptive grammatical terminology (if that's what it is), and indeed have never even tried to learn it, so I had better say nothing.

TonguelessYoungMan said...

Many of the people I see who are (ostensibly) virulently against the current system are indifferent towards religion and spirituality. They have all this historical (and current) evidence that leftism is evil, have presumably done plenty of research on the topic, but "somehow" they completely miss that without some sort of solid religious foundation, leftism invariably appears.

Even when they (appear) to have some form of a spiritual outlook, they tend to look askance at Christ, many are outright hostile to him. "Anything but Christianity".

Tom Hart said...

The problem is that any commitment to seek the truth will also involve speaking and acting out the truth; this will inevitably bring you into conflict with the political powers that be. It is true that active and campaigning political projects are probably futile, but it is the right that grants people permission to be left alone: the left does not reciprocate. You could become a quietist, aiming never to be politically engaged; but what if the authorities ask you: “Why no rainbow flag on your windowsill, Bruce? Everyone else has one”. Refusal to participate is a political act; if you refuse, you have challenged power. Pro-Zionist dissidents in the USSR were literally called “refuseniks”; they refused to serve the USSR, wanting to go to Israel, so the USSR refused their exit visas.

If you go along with every demand power makes, you have effectively abandoned a commitment to the truth—you have been assimilated. People draw lines in different places and sometimes the BIP’s lies move so fast that people who thought they served it are cast out—as happened to Chomsky and others over their recent free speech letter. Indeed, quite a few conservatives are simply leftists who stayed where they were, the lies left them behind. The desire to be a quietist, to refuse, to seek an exit (for whatever reason) is characteristic of rightist politics; it is the BIP—the group lie, the left in politics—that demonises escape.

Francis Berger said...

"Let us instead do what actually can be done - what our religion insists that we ought to be doing; as individual Christians, working on our selves and with those we love; and any real Christians that happen to be in our vicinity."

That, in my mind, is resistance of the most practical and effective kind - the kind the powers-that-should-not-be do not want to see or contend with.

Anonymous said...

"Let us instead do what actually can be done - what our religion insists that we ought to be doing; as individual Christians, working on our selves and with those we love; and any real Christians that happen to be in our vicinity."

Can we not also work on those who are not Christians, but who hate the system, and are searching for real answers? Surely, that mindset is worth our time and patience. If we don't, then we are preaching only to the already converted. Individual, personal, evangelising surely has its place, especially so in these vile times.


Bruce Charlton said...

@TH - Each will need to decide for himself - but he will be on his own (plus maybe a few family and close firends). I speak from experience. It's amazing how almost everyone you know will melt-away when the authorities target you.

@Barry - Each will need to decide - you can work with anyone *who will work with you* - but that's the problem.

TYM - I expected something from such people, but amazing numbers of them have revealed their true colours - or their lack of motivating conviction.

@Frank - I personally doubt whether this or any other kind of resistance will be at all effective in a socio-political sense - but that is not the point.

Anonymous said...

Tongueless is spot on....Most people are willing to be open-minded about New Age philosophies such as yoga and pseudo Buddhism, but Christianity is decidedly "out of style."

Personally my political views are left of center, but the leftists of today are very different from the ones of the past. The Industrial Workers of the World (for instance) formed unions and legitimately wanted better living conditions for the working class. But now the Left is all about government freebies and defending supposedly "marginalized groups" that don't actually have any disadvantage.

The insanity we're witnessing today is the product of media brainwashing, watered down education, and a generation that grew up without any belief in God or Christian values.

Jacob Gittes said...

I'm finding that the only spaces and places in which I/we are free to be ourselves, and express our spiritual natures and convictions is when we are alone or with the close-knit circle of people you describe:
" individual Christians, working on our selves and with those we love; and any real Christians that happen to be in our vicinity."

I was happy to have found the local, rural, traditionalist anabaptist sect church that I've attended a few times. Tonight they are meeting to discuss the new "mask mandate." I am going to attend, though I am not a confirmed member yet. Such nice people. But I will make it clear in a serious and thoughtful and calm manner that I won't be able to attend if they force me to wear a mask. I'm hopeful, but I can't know until tonight what will happen.

It seems that as we try to apply Bruce's rule "as individual Christians," the sands are ever shifting in terms of who we can work with in our vicinity, because we never know the level of courage and conviction of those around us. The screws get ever tighter, and people break.

Keep up the good work.

Francis Berger said...

@ Bruce - You,re right. It won't be effective in a social-political sense, at least not in any large scale form, but that's exactly the point. What you have described in that paragraph is spiritual resistance - and they don't want that at any level.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, my question is more about time frames...or to put it crudely how long will we need to endure the Black Iron Prison?! Obviously no one wants to do that for any longer than necessary if it gets as bad as seems to be aimed at soon. I agree we are essentially in an intractable position and the situation is getting rapidly worse, but whether this will be like slow cooking a frog or a house of cards collapsing with the 'second wave' of Corona Virus this Winter? I suppose no one really knows but understandably this is a cause for preoccupation for anyone considering these things as a real possibility, admittedly there are decidedly few and that in itself produces a dementing cognitive dissonance, just to live in a world where to make such a claim out right would be a sure fire way of ensuring that one is ostracized or institutionalised as a stark raving lunatic/conspiracy theorist.


MagnusStout said...

I agree secular "solutions" are pointless. What we have is this: prayer and repentance.

Even Lot could bargain with God over saving Sodom.... Could we not do the same?

If we truly repented and humbled themselves, God may postpone, weaken or even withhold judgment (see, King Hezekiah). The Bible is full of miraculous stories of God delivering His people. With God all things are possible. That seems the essence of what the prophets taught, and should be the seeds of the Hopeful message that we plant.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - Yes, for the real masters of this world, the whole political thing is a means to a spiritual end. If the forces of damnation are resisted, They will have failed.

Bruce Charlton said...

@David - Put it this way: I see two likely possibilities only. The future has been mapped-out and we are en route (and either on-board or in-denial). It is no secret. Anyone who wants to know what's in store can find it publicly and explicitly available from our new masters - as the Great Reset, the 2030 Agenda, and with other names and in other places. Either *that* will happen (by increments); or The System/ Matrix/ BIP will have been destroyed (as a whole) from one cause or another - internal or external.

Anonymous said...

That is about as bleak it could get. I feel a bit like a terminally ill patient asking his doctor how long he has left... weeks?months? Years?
There isn't a satisfactory's all bad news...

The Good news is that fortunately for Christians, the promise of Jesus Christ is true and we are ultimately saved from all of this and are promised eternal life beyond mortality. I have often been mocked for believing that but I can see no greater or encouraging hope than to love God and follow him as best I can. The alternative would be deep despair at the path the world is now hurtling down.

Steve Samson said...

Close to my own thoughts on the matter.
Our church is closed, when it reopens there will be no singing, there will also be the communion "in one kind" or in layman's talk "just the bread."
I have been in discussion with just a few trusted members and had some love for the idea of meeting, in secret, to share the Lord's Supper, properly. God willing this will happen.

While I'm here and as you're on a PKD bent at the moment, I've been struck by the parallels between The Penultimate Truth and this current covidian nonsense.

Tom Hart said...

"@TH - Each will need to decide for himself - but he will be on his own (plus maybe a few family and close firends). I speak from experience. It's amazing how almost everyone you know will melt-away when the authorities target you."

@BC I have divorced myself from the system and will live like a modern Diogenes if need be--quite easy, I never liked people anyway. Britain began to decline in 1830; with the muzzling of the Lords, she became fully democratic in the 1900s and opened the throttle for decline and anarchy--the final collapse came in the 1950s. We are now a ruined outpost of the American empire, and I refuse to serve or aid a system guided by an ideology that hates people like me. The American empire has until 2025 tops, everybody knows there is a change coming.

Chent said...

Hard times to live, that's for sure. I agree that political measures are useless. I agree that even Churches have been corrupted. We are lambs in our way to the slaughterhouse.

My idealistic sister tried to fight the corruption of the System, using the courts of the System. She lost and she was very depressed. Besides praying for her, I told my father and sisters that fighting the System is futile and we should focus on our Christian life and to help the neighbor (in a Christian sense).

What I did not tell them (because I didn't have the courage to) is that we are living on borrowed time. I live in a Third World country and things are calmer here, but in Spain, the situation is becoming unbearable very quickly. The forces of evil are going for Christian people and they are closer and closer. We cannot do anything except pray. We are a normal family: we don't have spirit of martyrdom. It breaks my heart to imagine what could happen when the authorities and the mob get to them.

Andrew said...

A powerful segment of the elites, maybe even the majority, do want depopulation. I'm not sure if this is a main demonic goal, but it is on some level among the elites - maybe even just as part of their damnation.

In any case, part of "The Great Reset" seems to include this. The tactic might be "soft" via sterilization (just a more thorough implementation of the current birth control/abortion policy) or harder - actually collapsing the food supply. I think they are going to do both, as I've seen both tactics addressed by the elites to varying degrees. It looks like they're trying to do this right now - this year. This isn't a plan for 10, 20, etc. years. This is today's plan.

The obvious vector for sterilization would be the vaccine that everyone-on-the-planet is supposed to take before the year is out - at least that's what we're told by the media repeatedly.

Bruce Charlton said...

It is worth saying, because it is true, that none of us can know the future; and I have often been wrong in predictions. I am just stating my understanding of things. And I do not despair but live in hope - bu I try, increasingly, to root this hope in eternals.

As an example; Denethor thought that he knew for sure what would happen, and he despaired, sinfully. But he did not know, had misinterpreted things, and was wrong. On the other hand, Gandalf never indulged in false expectations or optimism, never claimed that Sauron *would* be defeated - just that it might happen.

Part of the problem is the excessive and diluted scope of our concern, and domination by theories - to which I am as prone as most. But the basic human situation, problems and rewards of living, are essentially the same now as has been usual in human history - as CS Lewis pointed out in relation to The Bomb... We will all die sometime, even the planet won't last forever - only our souls are immortal.

Tom Hart said...

@EDFree You cannot underestimate how far people are trapped in modernity. I once watched a nationalist pagan Youtuber who, while talking about population genetics on his computer, noted that an owl had landed on a branch outside his window the night before. For an ancient pagan this would have been an event of enormous import, the only thing worth talking about; the birds were messengers from the gods and augury was central to paganism. But the Youtuber, despite identifying as anti-modern and totally primal, rejecting even Christianity as too modern, mentioned the owl in passing--as if it were a curious and mildly interesting fact. The population genetics on his screen were much more important and real to him, and so he spurned a divine messenger.

Even people who have taken a conscious step out of modernity are still consumed by its frame of reference; when they see a bird, they don't see a sign--just a wildlife fact.

William Wildblood said...

Tom Hart said "If you go along with every demand power makes, you have effectively abandoned a commitment to the truth—you have been assimilated. " I absolutely agree with this. We don't have to actively fight the System. If we do, we will not only get caught up in it but be defeated anyway. When religion descends to politics it becomes politics so we have to avoid that. On the other hand, the System is going to demand more and more from us in terms of submission and we will eventually have to take some kind of a stand. Mask-wearing is just the beginning, I feel.

Tom Hart said...

@William Wildblood “Mask-wearing is just the beginning, I feel.“

The masks are symbolically important. Back in 2016, I noticed that rightist anon trolls on Twitter were engaged in what was called “Baneposting”; they took on the persona of the character Bane from the Batman films. Bane is a supervillain who is a member of an ancient order—The League of Shadows—that trained Bruce Wayne, paving the way for him to become the Batman. Wayne turned on the League of Shadows, abandoning their path and instead using his skills to protect his home city (Gotham-New York); he used his spiritual training to defend the materialistic and decadent West. The character of Bane arrives to destroy Gotham precisely because it has become decadent and corrupt; he scorns Batman for trying to save it, and he is similar to a figure like bin Laden in this way.

The rightist anon trolls identified with Bane because he despises decadence; because his demonised radical spiritual position is synonymous with the radical right in the West; and because of his catchphrase: “Nobody cared who I was until I put on a mask”. Bane’s face and voice is obscured by a breathing apparatus that keeps his damaged face intact, and serves as a mask. The Baneposters of the radical right enjoyed saying “Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask” because, from behind their Twitter masks, they were terrorising liberals and progressives—just think of all the articles at that time about the troll threat.

Four years on, four years into the populist reaction sparked by Brexit, I notice that everyone is now wearing a mask thanks to Covid-19. Everyone has become an anonymous troll in real life now. What does Bane’s catchphrase “Nobody cared who I was until I put on a mask” mean now that we all wear masks?

There is an idea called hyperstition, a kind of magic, that holds fiction can act like a sigil and make itself real. Well, I think the Baneposters of 2016 have made Bane real: everyone is a masked vigilante today. This also matches the plot of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012), a film where Bane turns the citizens of Gotham against the decadent elite—so making the entire city into a group of masked vigilantes.

Symbolically, I think the rise of the mask marks the end of the current Western system: we are all anon trolls now. “Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask”; we are all masked, so now we all count.

We have all turned to the dark, primal side that Bane represents: the spirit of the dragon or serpent or kundalini energy—it uses chaos to clear the decay and return to natural order. Hence the advent of the mask marks the end of the current system.

Bruce Charlton said...

@TH - Universal masking makes everyobody a somebody? Surely this analysis is itself an example of the demonic inversion of common sense? This kind of fake-Right social media stuff (larded with pseudo-black magic terminology) is all very-much of-the-Left, anti-Christian, and full of self-aggrandisment and posing.

I can't be bothered to give it the time of day.

Anyway, I would not be At All surprised if masking was soon banned and punished for 'reasons'. If the Establishment Agenda is implemented then there will be no reason for masks, and several disadvantages.

After all, it was not long ago that, here in the UK, it was illegal to wear a hoodie (ie. a parial mask) in public situations, 'beacuse' it made face recognition impossible on security cameras etc. None of it means anything - except as PSYOPS.

This kind of policy flip-flop multi-reversal is coming so thick and fast that there is no excuse for believing any political-media 'reasons'. Liars cannot (and should-not) be trusted - and there's an end ont.

William Wildblood said...

Insisting you do a thing and then banning that same thing is a brainwashing technique I believe so you could be onto something with that idea, Bruce. When today's good is tomorrow's evil and you conform it shows you are totally under the control of the worldly powers. I am told that if I cared for 'humankind' I would wear a mask to protect others. This is manipulation of the most cynical sort.

Bruce Charlton said...

In my 12.11 comment I made an interesting typo "a parial mask" - I meant partial mask, but it could also mean the mask of a pariah - and of course now every person is a pariah, an outcast, a possible 'vector'!

Jacob Gittes said...

Quick update: the church men met last night (yes, juts the men! Very traditional), and decided to not require people to wear masks. One man said that he was going to wear a mask anyway, as he doesn't see anything in the Bible that would preclude wearing a mask.
Everyone else, though, was very anti-mask, and sees the masking as a prelude to worse things to come.
Overall, good men who place their faith in the God.
I have to say that I was impressed.
I read part of the state constitution, which has a "bill of rights" that gives religious people even more protections than the US Bill of Rights. I gently suggested taking the governor to court if necessary, or cooperating with other churches on this.
I believe that the strategy of the pastor will be to just try to slide under the radar. The local sheriff said he would not bother any churches about the nonsense.
It's good to see men use real discernment and spiritual guidance in such decisions.

Bruce Charlton said...

@JG - Good news to hear this story! I expect that having made this decision will generate spiritual courage in those involved.

Andrew said...

As a symbol of the demonic, we see a clear inversion of "love thy neighbor" with masking. Now it is fear-thy-neighbor. Hate your neighbor if they don't wear a mask, and fear them if they do - the useless things just remind us the our neighbor is a potential enemy. It takes on a strange spirituality, since the disease is invisible, and apparently no one *really* knows how to avoid spreading it (you never know!) so we obey this strange ritual and hope it is enough to appease the gods of death.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ Andrew. The layering of lies and evil is absolutely stunning... A non problem treated with utterly destructive and anti-human non solutions, and a public which is eager for more of the same.

Its like the world of men was conquered by Sauron, but nobody noticed - because men had already turned into orcs, for whom rule by Sauron is natural.