Sunday 19 July 2020

Relentless demonic pressure is the new normal

Tremendous post from Frank Berger today! Read the whole thing; but here are some choice snippets (lightly edited):

It's important to keep in mind that everything we are experiencing today in relation to the birdemic crisis is purposively designed to demoralize, depress, devitalize, destroy, and de-spirit in pursuit of one objective - damnation...

Our new totalitarian overlords want to break us because they want to break God. The campaign they have unleashed comes at us from multiple fronts and from every conceivable angle. It attacks the mind, restricts the body, and, most significantly tempts the soul.

What we are currently experiencing, ladies and gentlemen, is intense spiritual warfare...

This is what it looks like. This is what it feels like.

Our overlords have pressurized everything and they are working to make this pressure ubiquitous and inescapable. This relentless demonic pressure is our new normal. With it, they wish to make the pain threshold the sole measure of our existence.

How much can you take? How far are you willing to go? 

Everyone's got a breaking point. What's yours?

Energy and elevation is the natural default setting for all serious Christians. How can it not be? After all, consciously recognizing and freely accepting the Truth is an energizing and elevating metaphysical phenomenon - a metaphysical phenomenon the forces of darkness hate with their entire being. 

Is it any wonder that they seek to deaden this energy and prevent this elevation?

Whenever the demonic powers succeed in dragging us down, they succeed in dragging down the Divine... 

Whenever we succeed in energizing and elevating our state of existence, we succeed in energizing and elevating the Divine.


William Wildblood said...

The making of mask-wearing mandatory is clearly the opening shot in what is going to be a new and important stage of the battle. The deeply manipulative excuse that it is for the benefit of others not yourself is shameful in its naked hypocrisy. Are we being led to the position where we will somehow have to deny God for our own safety and security and that of others? I see that on the horizon. The vice is being turned.

James Higham said...

You’re not wrong, the evidence abounds for those with eyes.

Nathan Wright said...

Once again, the seemingly world-wide coordination of every new measure should be unbelievable. Intense demonic activity is all around us now, constantly, for those with eyes to see.

Sonny Robinson said...

Joy, in a strange way, begins with losing the fear of death, and its controlling hold on us. You've talked about this in relation to churchgoers electing "remote masses" over showing up, against the state's wishes, to prove the depth of their faith (not really the same as being martyred, but a nice step in the right direction in a postmodern world). -Isaiah 54:17

Ingemar said...

I've been listening to David Icke recently and his prescription for fighting the Mask Nazis is this--EVERYONE needs to openly defy it. There are only so many police and so many prisons to hold offenders that the Establishment would have to destroy society in order to save it.

Sadly there are two obvious problems. First is that the mainstream media is unrelenting and omnipresent. Second, the body politic in Britain and everywhere has been demolished by waves of immigration. Thus a mass counter-movement is strangled in the crib.

The counter example is Serbia. After relentless demonstrations by the people, their government was forced to withdraw their newest curfew. The type of solidarity the Serbs have cannot be contrived, as it has been forged in the fire of centuries of persecution and having been demonized by their neighbors for the past three decades (justly and unjustly).

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ing - I have a lot of time for Icke, but here he is in the realm of wishful thinking. There is no good motivation for people to do this (in the UK). If there was mass civil disobedience, it would most likely be from hedonic motives (or laziness), which would not no good - and probably net harm.

If there was motivation to defy totalitarianism, then we could not have reached this point. The sad truth is that a large majority of people want the leftist tyranny that the leadership are accelerating - or at least they want some aspects of it - such as some aspect of the sexual revolution for themselves; or one/some of the group privileges that they believe they deserve (eg the socialist, feminist, antiracist, diversity, prosemitic or some other supposed agenda item), or they believe in the birdemic-healthism agenda or pseudo-environmentalism.

The UK population (and indeed all of the West) are in a deep state of nihilistic self-hatred and covert civilizational and personal suicidality which means that there is insufficient courage, insufficient motivation to take any significant personal risk (or inconvenience!) in defying the Establishment.

Our hope comes from the spiritual awakening of a minority - but the 'mechanism' by which this hope may act positively on the nation is (and must be) quite outside of the world of media, politics and protests; which is completely rigged to reinforce the evil agenda.

Jacob Gittes said...

The only way that I see most people resisting or not complying with the oppression (of masks, etc.) is through science. My science on masks versus your science on masks.
But the primary reason should be spiritual.
Unfortunately, spirituality has been rejected, even (or especially) by the institutions meant to foster it.
Here in my town, a number of churches have voluntarily shut themselves down in the past week, even without governmental pressure.
And some Christians are justifying that by saying that it doesn't matter - the church exists even if they can't meet in person.
How would you respond to the idea that the church still exists, even if it is virtual? That prayer and worship are just as valid if they are virtual?

To me, that is nonsense. I did find a local rural church that disregarded the gov't mandates, and I found them to be refreshing. Fellowship with fellow Christians who realize that we should fear God only is refreshing.

Bruce Charlton said...

"How would you respond to the idea that the church still exists, even if it is virtual? That prayer and worship are just as valid if they are virtual?"

Well, I personally would not support financially a virtual church (nor one that was happy/ eager about being locked down) - and presumably many others will think the same. Time will tell.

David Earle said...

From my observations in Canada, most people don't seem concerned. They are just going along with everything but hardly anybody in my immediate family or circle seem bothered and just repeat common tropes.

And ironically only me and the few Christians in my family appear to be the concerned ones, but for different reasons.

One would think that Christians are having a blast right now consoling everybody and using everybodys fears to bring them closer to Christ, but I find I don't really have anything to say because nobody seems to care.

I think it could be that the brave ones are the people that arent worried about the virus. But those same people are completely unaware of the totalitarian takeover. Maybe the pain will set in once they realize that.

So I just dont say anything anymore. Perhaps the despair will kick in later when it truely hits people what is going on.