Wednesday 16 September 2020

An end to abstraction - the problem of indirect communication

We are dying of abstraction, of the Ahrimanic - manifested as the global, totalitarian, bureaucratic-media system. The only escape from abstraction is in the personal, and in direct communication - which is that 'shared thinking' which exists in the realm of universal reality (but to say that is itself an abstraction). 

What this means is that there is here-and-now a problem with all actual and possible indirect communications, for example using language (or pictures, or other symbols - anything which entails perception, interpretation of perceptions etc) - for example This

What you are reading now is exactly the kind of problem I mean.


I have talked about the primacy of intuition; but I see now that intuition goes further than I had realised. Because there is no such thing as the objective. All knowledge is personal, all knowledge includes the 'subjective'... 

This means that there is no such thing as 'detachable knowledge'.  

All information is contextual, and the context is a Being - i.e. personal. So it is not possible to speak, write or otherwise indirectly-communicate knowledge to anyone; as if knowledge could be removed from subjectivity and moved-around or stored: it can't.


Even the most apparently objective 'fact' is not a fact; but is only a part of the unit of meaning; because the unit of meaning is in consciousnes, in thinking, entails a Being. 

The true knowledge is active, current, always-personal.

This matters acutely because we are spiralling down into a sub-human, sub-real hell of abstraction and system; and if we base our primary knowing on anything in this abstracted world, we will we taking the side against God. 


Thus, I may have a valid intuition, but I cannot communicate it to you or anyone else without a near certainty of falsity. This applies even to 'simple facts'; but especially seriously to fundamental truths, to living realities. 

I can have sure intuitions about here and now, what is happen-ing; but not about any detached item of knowledge concerning past or future. 

True knowledge cannot be 'stored' - for example in written words, or recordings, or pictures - because this leaves out the interpretation and understanding. 


I have written a great deal about metaphysics; but even metaphysics is a part of the Satanic world (the Establishment world working against God and creation, and against The Good)- because metaphysics is words, symbols... abstractions: metaphysics is just a model of reality. 

Metaphysics is not reality itself. 


There is perhaps a role for a different, rival metaphyiscs than mainstream materialism; and such an alternative can serve to break the 'spell' of materialism. ...Can show us that The System is wrong, or at least that alternative and more coherent systems are possible. 

Perhaps some of my earlier blog posts - and this can - can be so considered...

But any such spiritual metaphysics can only be a temporary phase en route to no-metaphysics-at-all as the basis of a person's belief. And the direct communication of simultaneous, here-and-now, shared thinking as the only valid method of interpersonal knowing.


This is the situation into which we are compelled by the progressively totalising corruption of The System; and by its alignment against God. 


Desert Rat said...

Is God wasting His time sending saints and prophets and his own Son to speak and write to us?

All knowledge is certainly colored and contained by our unique personal understanding but in order for there to be any unique personal understanding there has to be something to understand. For a Christian any errors are covered by God's mercy and forgiveness in the person of Jesus.

In other words: God's will be done.

ToTheRightRon said...

Just some of my thoughts on the problem of communication.

Our inability to properly communicate truly and exhaustively doesn't negate the reality of the creation.

The whole of creation is both real (it exists) and symbolic in that it declares the glory of God.

The written word of God, symbols, reveals the truth of God under tutelage of the Holy Spirit.

The law of God is written in our hearts and the Holy Spirit communicates with everyone, not just believers.

This establishes the common foundation where we can communicate with each other, albeit the communication will be imperfect and incomplete due to sin and the fall.

Bruce Charlton said...

@DR. These times are unprecedented. Human consciousness has changed. Things were different in the past. What was normal has become ambiguous, rare or impossible.

Bruce Charlton said...

@RR. I am talking about our ultimate convictions, upon which we base all else. I am not talking about the possibilities of everyday communication.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

This is a very Buddhist point you're making, and has been stated with great clarity and eloquence in some of the Chinese sutras. I can't remember where exactly, but I'll try to track them down.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm. That's a red herring. But the need to avoid abstraction becoming primary is indeed behind the personal (anti theoretical) teaching of the East, also Christ's parables, and the use of narrative more generally. It was residual in the West until quite recently, in the apprentice system.