Saturday 26 September 2020

Because reality is co-created...

It should be (but mostly is not) obvious that the mainstream socio-political/ media/ institutional world is invented, and is a virtual reality. We know because it changes so fast, is so grossly incoherent, and because we can see the actual processes by which it is generated. 

We know, because we have seen him, that there is a man behind the curtain - albeit we have decided to pay him no attention; and will deny that we do know.

This reflects the basic truth that reality is now and always co-created (some out-there, some in-here); because human consciousness is always involved (somewhere): perceptions always require interpetation, and interpretation always comes from consciousness. 

This means that the mainstream made-up reality is shared only because it is imposed on millions of people by manipulations and propaganda, backed by surveillance and monitoring, enforced by incentives and punishments. 

But this mainstream 'reality' is incoherent and misery inflicting; and for a Christian it is evil - in increasingly obvious ways to those who do not accept the mainstream conceptual programming. 

Why, then, do we not break free and make our own, and better, reality? Why do (self-identified) Christians meekly accept a systemically-evil world (evil built into the concepts). Why not simply reject that which is imposed forcibly and manipulatively? Why is this So Hard?

I think the main reason is fear - because the apparatus for imposition is truly vast; and backed by large majorities and tremendous force; and the consequent fear of being existentially alone. After all; being in a minority of one is hard to distinguish from insanity.

People whose life is spanned by birth and death have no reason or possibility for going against the majority: even when the majority view induces fear, resentment and despair; even when it promotes self-loathing and covert suicide: even when the mainstream-approved life is not worth living, and that fact is increasingly open, and explicitly acknowledged.

The only possible escape from The System is when one's world view extends beyond mortal life; in particular extends into a personal life beyond biological death.   

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