Saturday 29 May 2021

The new birdemic narrative

As you know, I never write about current affairs...

The 'official' birdemic narrative is currently becoming one which acknowledges what was established (by several independent groups) at the beginning of 2020 - that the birdemic Just Is a lab-modified germ. 

Why now? Why acknowledge this obvious truth after denying it for so long and suppressing the discourse? 

We need to go back to the basic modus operandi of the modern mass media as described in my 2014 Addicted to Distraction book - that 'Good' - in this case Truth - is only ever given mass media Big Story coverage for a bad reason

So, what is the Bad Reason for speaking this factual truth? We will soon find out... 

Maybe it is to provide a second wave of birdemic-phobia by presenting the germ as a biowep? And 'therefore' Very Dangerous.

Yet in 'fact' (Ha! - Facts!) the birdemic is not and never has been Very Dangerous. 

The data is in (confirmed by personal  experience). No doubt remains. We now know For Sure that the birdemic is/was not any more dangerous than a moderately bad flu year. 

However, if people are now going to be told that it was engineered as a biowep (which is likely true) then perhaps the global state of blinding-terror can be sustained and amplified?

Engineering an intended biowep is very difficult and usually fails - as with the birdemic

One should judge engineering by results, not by intentions. 

Because if one germ function is successfully increased (difficult in itself) this is almost-always at the cost of reducing another function. Increasing a germ's spread-ability therefore comes at the price of reducing its dangerousness - and vice versa.  

Combining high lethality and high infectivity is a trick that remains unsolved.       

...Except with vector infections, like Falciparum Malaria - which is probably the worst chronic scourge of humanity, so far; because it is both highly lethal in na├»ve populations and very transmissible (without modern technology). 

Malaria is spread by mosquitos, and the germ does not depend on humans to survive. Such a vector infection might in principle make humans extinct before resistance could be evolved, yet not itself become extinct.

But for a human to human germ - it is a case of Either/ Or. Either an incredibly infectious but non-lethal disease like Noravirus. Or very lethal but not very infectious diseases - like first-contact Syphilis. Or very lethal and pretty infectious diseases like Lassa fever that make themselves extinct before spreading. 

But  none of these apply for the birdemic which is, in its medical effect; just a 'variant of normal, moderate, respiratory viral 'flu'. 

It Just Is... Intended biowep, or not. 

Note: My feeling is that the birdemic has begun seriously to run out of steam; despite that a large proportion of the population have been permanently mentally-damaged by the Big Lie and fake response (as well as becoming firmly committed to the service of Satan). Too many people seem to expect that 2019 'normality' will be returning soon... They need to find a another Big Lie if They are to continue to roll-forward their totalitarian Matrix world. Maybe the idea is to continue mutating the birdemic threat so that it becomes perceived as permanently growing? Or maybe the biowep concept, once established, will pave way for the next birdemic about-which They are continually warning us... coming soon to a theatre near you?  


AnteB said...

I thought the switch of narrative could be about creating support for a major confrontation with China, though your theory seems more realistic.

jas said...

The global financial system is failing (just look at inflation), whatever needs to be done to hide it will be done, even if that means a birdemic or 'war' with Russia/China (who will act out their 'evil' part, as they're part of the same system). The masses end up with nothing, but it was all due to birdemic/Russia/China.

Otto said...

Ah... that explains why Bill G. has invested millions in mosquito research.

Bruce Charlton said...

@O - I wasn't aware of that, but you're right.

Spreading malaria more widely via increased-range super-mozzies might well be more effective than trying to engineer an impossible new superbug - assuming that massively/ deniably reducing the world population happens to be your aim.

Stephen Macdonald said...

Another Big Lie they may be preparing to activate is "UFOs". The Pentagon recently released a series of videos which they claimed were genuine cases of "real UFOs". A handful of Navy pilots have gone on widely-viewed US talk shows claiming that "UFO" encounters are frequent -- almost ubiquitous. Not coincidentally, the US military is being radically reshaped to conform to "woke" ideology. Trump merely delayed this briefly.

How hard would it be for the Elite to pull off a monstrous hoax where they claimed to be in communication with alien intelligence? (of course those "aliens" would advise humanity to behave in ways congruent with what the Elite desires -- more totalitarianism, etc.)

It all sounds very far-fetched, but so is the Big Lie concerning "climate change" and they've got almost all gullible Westerners (i.e. most people) to believe that one.

Bruce Charlton said...

@N - Yes, that was a trial balloon sure enough. But it did not seem to fly - so probably we won't here about it again, for a while.

This idea of a fake alien invasion as an excuse for the usual stuff, is one I came across years ago - maybe I read it from David Icke? Reagan and Gorbachev are reliably recorded as having discussed this issue back in the 80s - and they noted that their nations could/would 'unite' against such a threat.

'They' are casting around for something that will be The Next Big Thing - trying out this and that, as well as the old favourites.

Perhaps they will simply be opportunistic in inflating some-thing that wasn't planned specifically but is linked to some 'reaction' (or even did not really happen - like last summer's Big Lie) - since They have the coordinated apparatus to do so almost instantly when instructed - and it always seems to work, nowadays.

captOBV said...

"the peck was made with the assumption in mind that the birdemic was natural. now that we know its a biowing, we have to make an entirely new peck."

that's the agenda I think. "Squat in your nests for another year while we develop the new anti biowing peck."

Sean Fowler said...

I hate to ask this question, but what proof do we actually have that the virus exists?

Bruce Charlton said...

@SF - I'm not making that assumption, but it makes no difference either way. The birdemic is partly, mostly or wholly an artefact of assumptions and non-specific diagnostic mechanisms. Which of these does not make any substantive difference to the phenomenon; which is fake from bottom to top.