Sunday 9 May 2021

"Freedom" and "Protest" here-and-now = criminalization of Christianity

From my book Addicted to Distraction (2014) - In the global totalitarian world from 2020; what applies to the Mass Media applies equally to government, corporations, and all bureaucratic institutions (including the main Christian Churches); and all large-scale public campaigns and demonstrations (including those that self-present as oppositional and dissenting): 

The modern Mass Media only unleashes hype for bad things – for things destructive of traditional values (of truth, beauty or – especially – virtue). 

From the Mass Media perspective, therefore, that which is traditionally Good is re-presented as bad; and vice versa. 

People and events presented by the media as Good are always in reality bad; and people or events presented by the media as bad are usually (but not always) Good* – and when bad people or events are not presented as Good, then they are condemned as bad for the wrong reasons. 

Also, if genuinely Good things happen to be presented as Good by the Mass Media; then it will invariably be the case that they also are said to be Good for the wrong reasons. 

Thus, the major output of the modern international Mass Media consists of only four categories: 
1. Good presented as bad 
2. Bad presented as Good (That is to say simple inversion) 
3. Good presented as Good for a bad reason 
4. Bad presented as bad for a bad reason (That is to say explanatory inversion) 

These four categories, which can be summarized as either simple or explanatory inversion, account for all sustained and high impact modern major Mass Media stories without any exceptions.

The one I wish to draw attention to is: 3. Good presented as Good for a bad reason 

This I would apply to any movement advocating Freedom, Free Speech and Free Expression; and to any and all groupings with a negative agenda of 'anti', 'protest' and 'resistance'. 

The simple reason is that there is no neutrality in the modern world; so there is no freedom - and in The West there is only the choice to follow, or to oppose, Jesus Christ. 

Any-thing which says it just opposes 'evil'; which presents itself as a neutral Good - any-thing which presents itself as merely-permissive (asking for generic freedom, human rights, for universal allowing) - any-thing which is supposedly just common sense, or pragmatism, or 'decent'...

Any and all such will in practice, for sure, (whether immediately or soon) be differentially interpreted and differentially enforced against Christians; and Christians-only.   

So, unless a group or movement or any-thing is explicitly really-Christian and also explicitly repents and rejects all Leftist projects - including all the litmus tests of birdemic/peck, antiracism, climate-environmentalism, social/femin-ism and the sexual revolution...

Unless this, we can be sure that the institution, group, movement, demonstration, protest is actually serving the Enemy agenda, the demonic agenda - and is actually opposed to God, the creation and The Good. 

(It was not always thus, but as of 2021 it is thus.) 

*Note added: I have changed my view on this since 2014; because I now believe there are no Good people in public life (indeed there seem to be extremely few people allied with God and creation at all anywhere; nearly-everybody is on the other side whether explicitly or passively. The totality of public life is secular, leftist and demonically-motivated - variations are just a matter of degree). In other words, things have either become a lot worse in the past 7 years, and/or the evilness of public people has become more obvious. Yet 'public people' are often attacked in the media and elsewhere. Good/ God-aligned people may well be attacked - but statistically nearly-all of the people attacked are themselves evil - merely a different type of evil than the attackers. This reality needs to be understood as just one aspect of the evil plan; with concepts such as 'office politics' inside the one ruling party-bureaucracy, controlled-opposition, distraction, PSYOPS etc. Things nowadays are Very Simple.  


Doc said...

Good presented as good for a bad reason

Sometimes the good is obvious and unavoidable, so instead of ignoring, they attack the source. Never heard it distilled down to these 4 concise categories, but my intuitive response is "by God, he's right!"

Grey said...

When I was young I knew a preacher who explained that Christianity is the real feminism. Thats a #3, it always bothered me, even then. This helps me articulate why. Thank you.

Cootcraig said...

"I now believe there are no Good people in public life"

I have this bias, but I have to ask: What is "public life"?

Bruce Charlton said...

@C - It is an assumption, not a bias.

Public life is all official institutional discourse.

Cootcraig said...

"assumption, not a bias" - I was being timid. Yes, assumption. I appreciate the clarity of your writing, it can be challenging, even when I agree.