Thursday 17 June 2021

Every-thing Good is racist

It is a solid fact - by the in-practice definition of racism deployed by those in power and with influence as of 2021 - that every thing which is Good is racist.*

So don't bother defending it by saying it is not racist - by your own personal and/or coherent definition of racist: your idea of 'racism' does not matter. 

Those who have the capacity to impose Their usage of 'racism' upon society - e.g. those in politics, government, the mass media, law, NGOs and education... by Their definition of racism any-thing which is on the side of God and divine creation; any-body who follows Jesus Christ; any entity that is beautiful, virtuous, or truth-full - is indeed racist. 

In this world of global totalitarian evil; Any Thing At All which a Christian values as Good, will - and probably sooner rather than later - be identified as racist; and will be suppressed by The Establishment. 

We had better get used to the fact; and each of us decide what is ultimately most important: Good-ness or antiracism.

*This does Not imply that every-thing racist is Good. 


captOBV said...

Anything good probably tends toward solid marriages, and raising good children, and that's racist because it propagates the human race. Very simple to understand actually. How dare you support the human race, bigot.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

When a Scientologist tells you something is enturbulated, you don't argue passionately that it's definitely not, and that actually Scientology is what's really enturbulated. You just say, "Enturbulated. Okay, sure, whatever," and move on.

That's about how serious accusations of racism should be taken.

Francis Berger said...

"So don't bother defending it by saying it is not racist - by your own personal and/or coherent definition of racist: your idea of 'racism' does not matter."

Yes, that pretty much sums up my experience when I worked as a high school teacher in a "disadvantaged neighborhood" in the Bronx, NY. Any attempt at rebuttal or clarification was instantly rebuked as "insensitive, privileged, or supremacist." And that was before anti-racism became a mainstream "thing."

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - You know I often harp on the fact that people don't learn - this is another example. Yet every day somebody tries to explain that some-thing is not racist, and the explanation is Never accepted.

Epimetheus said...

Is it possible that even rank-and-file SJWs are sponsored by the demonic? It’s as if there’s something extra - something terrifying - in their malice and rage that has somehow intimidated the entire society. No-one can seem to truly stand against it, much less impose lasting victories.

Jacob Gittes said...

Interesting synchronicity - I have corresponded a bit with a man who claims he was there in the room, and knows the people, who decided to weaponize the term "white supremacy." Their ideas as to tie the word "white" with a word whose phonemes "clicked" or were alliterative, because the masses would then parrot it.
So they came up with "white supremacy."
I suspect that besides those men and their weaponized psychologists were also demons.
But it's interesting how powerful weaponized language and stigmatizing labels have become for now. It's really just a magic trick: people associated nonsense phrases with badness, and if you get called that label without evidence, you then get the badness stuck to you.
We must assume automatically that anyone accused of being a racist is innocent.
For myself, I think the term "racist" is unecessary and almost useless, even in its original usagages.