Wednesday 28 July 2021

Middle-managers, hysterical and psychopathic fake-leaders had better watch-out! (Biden = Sorath ascendant)

Six years ago I wrote that there are almost no real leaders heading-up modern institutions - instead they are mostly over-promoted middle managers (hard-working obedient drones); with a smattering of hysterics; plus the usual self-seeking, manipulative and cruel psychopathic charm-merchants or thugs, who have so often posed as leaders through history. 

But, in a world now ruled by a Global Establishment, engaged in imposing coup-compliant institutional leaders everywhere; the choosing, installation and persistence of Joe Biden as US President (!) should be worrying for all those servants of evil who aspire to the highest societal positions. 

In a nation filled with so many servile and conscience-free leftist zealots of so many types; the choice of Biden-as-he-is of all people - and his continuation despite... everything - must surely send a stab of fear into the shriveled souls of the US political class. 

If That is what They want... well, what is the point of the vast societal structures of the US Establishment? 

What need for the complex ideologies of Harvard and the New York Times, for the vast spider-web networks of 'smart' and/or 'woke' careerists busily toiling, lobbying, back-stabbing and grafting? 

If someone like Biden is first choice to 'lead' the US government - then what kind of person do They want to lead all the other institutions?

Biden is a Sorathic joke striking at the heart of the vast Ahrimanic bureaucratic Establishment - at those who really Believe in the Great Reset, Agenda 2030 and world totalitarian government. 

If they weren't so blind, stupid and dishonest; the Establishment would by-now have realized that their days are numbered, and time is running-out.

For the rest of us, and especially for Christians; we can see confirmation that evil is becoming more purely oppositional and extreme; and its ideological excuses ever less plausible. Things are coming to an even-sharper point... 

Those capable of repentance and of choosing to follow Jesus Christ; will find the choice between Good and evil to be clearer than ever.  


William Wildblood said...

There seems to been an element of Wither the leader of NICE from That Hideous Strength in Biden. To quote from the Wikipedia description of him 'Long association with them (the demons) has "withered" his mind, and his speech and thinking are characterised by vagueness and jargon.'

Bruce Charlton said...

Amethyst Dominica comment:

Basically, corporations get taken over by sociopaths, who think they know best how to run things despite knowing nothing about those things at all. They also think they can "train" consumers to like what they're dishing out. All of their interactions are a one way street. Not only do they act like customers and creators don't matter, -they act like customers and creators don't EXIST. They kill creativity and cripple businesses because they think the entire world only exists to serve them. I can't think of anything that would cause people to welcome Sorath more than being forced to live under the rule of these corporate clowns for more than a few years. It must seem that they only thing that can fix our institutions is a meteor.

Ingemar said...

I think you can make a stronger case that Trump was (is) Sorath ascendant and Biden is a final, desperate attempt by Ahriman to remain in power.

The entire Trump mythos rested upon the fact that he would "drain the Swamp" (Swamp is Ahriman) and even the left wing media darling Michael Moore said something to the effect that Trump is the American people's middle finger to the ruling Establishment.

No one in the American Left (certainly not the radicals) loves Biden. They have deranged themselves into thinking that anyone other than Trump is better and they forced themselves to like demented Joe. Because I have a memory that goes back farther than a year, I distinctly remember that the Left were crying foul that Biden was winning the primaries because the candidates they actually wanted (Sanders, Yang, perhaps Gabbard) were losing to a clearly mentally incompetent political functionary with the charisma of a sinkhole.

Please note that this is not meant as an endorsement of Trump. The fact that I identify him with the spirit of destructive evil should be a clue enough and the Trump euphoria of the past four years is clearly a manifestation of the spirit of Boromir clutching the hearts of the unrepentant right wing of liberalism.

BenL said...

@William Wildblood: Absolutely spot on what I was thinking too. That character always bothered me. How could that man run a big org. like NICE. It was hard to imagine.

Easier to imagine it now. What a visionary CS Lewis was.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ing - Sorathic evil is really nothing like Trump - I think he was too mixed to fit neatly into any category. To some extent he was what he said and had good impulses, to some extent he was controlled-opposition - he oscillated and mixed the two. If anything - more like a Luciferic and atavistic, hedonic backlash.

Biden is himself as near to Nothing as anyone can be - the Sorathic influences are behind the scenes, the ones who put him into place.

If Ahrimanic evil was dominant in 2020, there were innumerable safe, reliable, hard-working, clever, middle-manager types who could have been installed as POTUS instead. To see Biden deteriorating, month after month, and nothing officially said or done - is to observe the signs of impending chaos.

Johannes Quigg said...

Trump for all his many flaws seemed fully human and largely unmalign. He made many many compromises but I never got the feeling anyone "owned" him. I suspect his story isn't over by a long shot, and we'll have to wait a couple of years to understand many of his actions. Could be wrong, though.
t. Johannes Quigg

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jason - Well, we shouldn't over-think Biden from a premise that The Ahrimanic Establishment always get what they want. They are a small minority and often have to work around opposition - that's why there is so much propaganda and bluff.

I have worked in some bureaucracies (including being a public health doctor in the NHS and on the Senate of a university) and I can't think of any examples where a well functioning bureaucracy with ambitious plans has deliberately made a unpredictable demented idiot into the chief executive. That's just asking for trouble.

Jacob Gittes said...

There is a twist that I'm sure Bruce sees.
The fact that Biden has serious dementia makes it obvious to more and more people (well, the few who can discern) that Biden is not capable of running anything. Therefore, someone/something else is running things. Thereofore the system is not as advertised (a democracy, or republic, or whatever nonsense they try to instill).

The System is thus illegitimate. It is now running on coercion and fear. It is thus primed to fall apart at any time, when segments of the population or various regions lose their fear of the Beast at the center.
Chaos is coming.

Stephen Macdonald said...

I would agree with those who are Trump as a flawed, sometimes boorish man who is nonetheless outside the Ahrimanic machine, with the rest of us "deplorables".