Sunday 15 August 2021

Mass Modern Man is living in the present

It is very striking to observe how Modern Man lives in a perpetual present - in the sense that the future has all but disappeared and people think only a few weeks ahead at most. Consequently, all ideas of future utopia (or even any conceivable future world) have gone - and Mass Man cannot even recognize that he lives in a version of dystopia. 

The past has also lost all reality, being continually redefined for reasons of expediency or simply to reinforce the conceit of moral superiority. Clearly, there is no sense of a real past if it can be destroyed, forgotten, inverted at will. 

The present view has dispensed with all attempts at coherence, common sense is regarded as an oppressive evil, personal experience and observation is either merely misleading or else requires to be interpreted in light of concepts from The Establishment (the linked global bureaucracy, world government, mass media). 

Each day, Modern Man wakes-up to be informed of reality by mass and social media - who present their versions of 'science', 'statistics', and 'expert' analysis and advice in general. This (here-and-now) is the truth about the world - and it is a truth which is defined & redefined daily, hourly, moment-by-moment - as required.

There is no other truth, and no source of officially good and legitimate authority other than this present truth - which encompasses (by re-shaping, deleting, adding-to) past and future, continuously. All other claims of truth are not just 'fake' but evil - therefore other truth-claims must be suppressed, and the people who make them must be suppressed. 

Suppression is simply a means to the end of eliminating them from the current, today's, official truth  otherwise truth claims have no autonomy - have no real-reality. 

(Thus, a truth claim may be moved from the fake-evil provenance to official validity - or the other direction - without a problem; because truth is just for today. Identical forms of words that were officially evil-fake 'hate fact' last week, may this week become authoritative-mandatory - or the opposite. This is not regarded as a problem because today's-truth is the only truth. Today's distinction between good and evil ideas or people is the only valid distinction.) 

The characteristic mood of 20201 is therefore a peculiar combination of hedonistic optimism and fearful despair - and today's particular combination of optimism and fear, optimism and despair is unique, evanescent and compulsory.

It seems that most people in the West, including most self-identified Christians, have accepted the above arrangement as being real-reality; and as such have rendered themselves passive slaves of the linked global bureaucracy, world government, mass media - and foes of God.



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