Saturday 30 October 2021

The fingerprints of strategic demonic leadership are all-over the globalist totalitarian plans

It is an inference that clearly does not occur to most people, or is ruled-out by assumption; but I perceive the fingerprints of overall and ultimate demonic leadership all through the world (and Western) history of the past couple of hundred years. 

Whenever we try to understand the roots of currently evil phenomena, we seem always to find them extending back and back across at least several human generations. 

That is, we find that there have been many decades over which there was a steady pressure - and incremental 'progress' towards the current evil; which implies a continuing motivation towards evil at the highest levels.  

To take a topical example; the current frenzied push to peck the entire world population (old and young; man, woman and child) with lifelong, multiple injections of... something

A system of compulsory and frequently-repeated bodily introduction of a conjectural, neither known nor understood, class of substances; the actual contents of which are and will be changed in an open-ended fashion. 

The Plan for this to happen every-where and to every-body regardless of effect - despite whatever effect - in a managed interpretative context where all possible harm is deniable and denied. 

And the process of development, pecking and (non-)follow-up has been exempted from all personal, political and legal responsibility. 

On the one hand, there is an enforced global unanimity of official 'fact's that this literally-incredible business is necessary and beneficial; on the other hand, there has been massive compliance and aggressive enthusiasm from much of the populace. 

(But especially the professional and managerial classes - who seem to perceive their societal role only in terms of how most rapidly and completely to get the Establishment Plan implemented.)  

Knowing such obvious evil as evil ought to require no argument - yet such is the value-system in-place in the world today, that this unprecedented evil is seen as a great and necessary Good (or, just as malignantly, as 'morally-neutral' - as if there was such a thing!). 

Therefore, before the Peck Plan could become even a vague possibility; there has needed to be a comprehensive, thorough and multi-pronged inversion of human values - so that what is true, beautiful and virtuous become substantially the opposite of what they are; in terms both of natural and spontaneous, universal human morality; and also by inversion of the (additional) value elements of traditional Christian morality. 

But such an astonishing situation needed to have been carefully prepared over a long period of time. 

It had to be - because ordinary humans do- (or did-) not change their fundamental convictions overnight - or just because they were told to. 

In the past, many people would work, suffer, fight and die in defense of their values - and would retain core values across many generations. 

But not any more. 

Indeed, when it is considered how the ground was prepared for this 'moment' we confront a degree of relentless purpose that is utterly alien to what we know of human beings - especially to evil humans

It surely ought to be obvious (from experience of others, and in ourselves) that evil humans are mostly selfish and short-termist - from a secular perspective, that is what makes them evil. 

However, to execute any long-term plan means eschewing maximizing short-term benefit; and it also means considerable subordination of selfish pleasures and satisfactions to the needs of the plan. Why should someone who primarily wants his own pleasures and Now, be prepared to sacrifice these desires to some 'plan'? 

To get selfish and short-termist humans to cooperate through many decades requires extraordinary levels of self-sacrifice from those who lead the process - most of whom would themselves be required to live and die without much personal gratification on a mortal timescale.

In other words; when we contemplate strategic evil, plans pursued over several or many generations; we must account for the fact of a leadership that is capable of such a thing. And, furthermore, a leadership that is also sufficiently powerful to impose their plan on a mass of humans who are dominantly-motivated by their own short-term gratifications. 

When the plan is global and crosses many generations - there must have been a leadership of immense power, who are themselves immune to the normal constraints of human time - and a leadership for whom, personally, a decade is 'the short-term'. 

We are talking, in other words, of evil spirits, fallen angels, demons - those who are immortal spirits (i.e. without bodies, whose spirits persist forever); and therefore live on a timescale far greater than evil mere-mortal humans.  

The many incredible and astonishing global policies and trends we perceive as of 2021 - the need for steady strategies toward evil ends that span multiple human lifespans - become instantly comprehensible if we assume that the leadership was demonic. 

Once this perspective has been assimilated; clear demonic fingerprints can be seen all-over the plans of the Global Totalitarian Establishment

...Which observation tells us all that we need to know in order to respond in a Good, Godly and Christian way. 


whitney said...

My movement from atheism kind of took the normal steps of becoming a theist and then a deist but the move to a Christian was actually becoming aware of conscious evil. Conscious evil, motivated, purposeful that goes over generations that cannot possibly be the work of man. Seeing that was a real eye-opener, and all the ways possible. So I respond to the ever-increasing levels of evil today as just a continuation of that but the majority of people don't even believe in evil. Not real evil they just think evil is less good and I think their definition of good is being nice. It's almost impossible for them to see this. And demons? Then you just get into crazy territory according to the normies. I pray for those I know and those I don't know every morning for the scales to be removed from their eyes because I know that they are physically repulsed by the light of Christ. It is actually something horrible to them and to have their eyes open to the truth will only happen through Grace. Pray for them

Chent said...

Some years ago, I told my (atheist-turned-deist) brother-in-law: "the best argument for the existence of the Devil is the way Western culture has gone from Christianity to a culture of evil.

You see the cleverness, the sheer brilliance of such a plan, which spans for centuries and takes advantages of the weak points of Christian culture and human nature in a brilliant way.

Then you study the lives of the key players of this plan (Rousseau. Marx, read Intellectuals by Paul Johnson). And you see some petty human beings motivated about petty concerns (sex, money, power) and unaware of the big picture.

But each of them fits in the big plan the way a piece fits into a puzzle

It is impossible to deny that the plan has a great intelligence behind it"

Out of all the people that I have read, you are the only one that has arrived to a similar conclusion.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Chent - "you are the only one that has arrived to a similar conclusion"

- it sounds like you got there before me, however! In my 'defense' I did start out unusually-deeply embedded-in atheism-materialism.

But it is part of the malaise of these times that something as clear and simple as this picture of history has become almost impossible for most people to perceive - precisely because such a picture cannot be taken seriously.

"takes advantages of the weak points of Christian culture and human nature in a brilliant way"

Yes, that is what is so striking! Although I do think that some of this is also trial and error - the devil tried out many simultaneous modes of corrupting - then put major effort into those which yielded the 'best' results.

Bruce Charlton said...

"major effort into those which yielded the 'best' results."... continued...

For example, I think the two world wars were tried as methods of corruption; but did not have the overall results that the demons hoped for. WW II in particular strengthened Christianity in the Anglosphere. How this happened in well described by CS Lewis in the Screwtape Letters, written during WW II.

Since then, I think the (senior) demons have avoided wars including the West (which they could easily have caused, if it had been a priority) and put their efforts into leftism.

And within leftism, there have been several - mutually contradictory - moves. The economic bias of early Marxism was largely discarded in the 1960s in favour of a 'cultural' focus (including race) and the sexual revolution. The once-hero of the native, proletarian worker; is now the number one hate leftist figure of the 'white supremacist'.

New Leftism has been a stunning success for the demonic powers; and now rules the world.

Todd said...

Very good essay.
You can sort of tell when a friend is still in the bargaining phase of dealing with this evil, because they mainly look for worldly and sociological explanations for what is transpiring. And they seem to believe that the perennial swing between left and right is at play, and that things will "swing back" as they always do.

For me, however, the fact that the US gov't has approved the peck for 5-11 year olds demononstrates that we are at a new level of qualitative evil.
I actually heard one of the FDA advisory committee members state that "we won't know how it will affect the children until we give it to them." That was like a bolt of lightning illuminating pure evil: we won't know how badly the vaccine will impact the children until we just go ahead and jab 'em.

It reminds me of the famous saying, "Kill em all and let God sort them out," except it's even more evil.

Chent said...

Yes, you are right. There is a trial-and-error component in all the process. I never realized about that.

Pangloss said...

"We are talking, in other words, of evil spirits, fallen angels, demons - those who are immortal spirits (i.e. without bodies, whose spirits persist forever"
Just for our understanding: (fallen) angels have bodies, demons do not have bodies. Therefore fallen angels cannot possess a human or animal body; demons can - see Jesus' encounter with demons possessing for instance a man called Legion and Jesus driving these several demons out into a herd of swine.
Where do demons come from (as they are not created)? Possibly primarily from a merger between fallen angels and human women. Nephilim. What happened before the Flood.
As to the intentions of these fallen angels and demons currently at work, it is one and the same indeed.

Brick Hardslab said...

How much of our new found technology prosperity is part of their plan? Without the leisure time we also could not plop ourselves in front of a screen for hours. The same technology that has enabled computer imaging for medicine and science makes streaming every vile perversion into every child's bedroom possible.

When I was a boy, much of our time was taken up in necessary tasks and wholesome pastimes my brother played music while I read at night. We'd sing with our family and play games. Now every child has a smart device. A fabulous if poisoned tool.

Could they have weakened society as much without tv, radio, computers, and especially the internet? Without endless calories, free time, and the decay of decent leisure could they have softened us as quickly?

Bruce Charlton said...

@BH - The genuine breakthroughs of science and technology come from human creativity, which is of-itself Good, and of-God. If one goes back to the industrial revolution in general, we can see that it derived from a tremendous burst of genius throughout the population of Western Europe.

This gave Western Man great opportunities, and great temptations. This was understood even at the time by a few Men - such as Coleridge and Goethe. There was a fork in the road - and Western Man took the fork into materialism (power, comfort, prosperity etc) which led to rejection of God such that here-and-now nearly the population of the world behaves as if there is no God - whatever their professed religion may be.

So, from where we are now, all power - whether political/ bureaucratic/ media or technological - will be used from overall-evil motivations, serving the side of evil. The more power, the more evil.

Of course much technology always did have great potential for good, but that means nothing when those who use it have evil motivations.

franklin said...

There has been evidence of demonic influence in at least some technology. NASA and rocketry was shot through with the occult. Some have said that atomic technology came through the occult as well.

I think it's pretty safe to say that the development of social media was heavily if not exclusively perpetrated by servants of the Devil. It wouldn't surprise me to learn the same of mass media (tv, cinema, radio) given the way Satan's minions quickly came to dominate those sphere's as well.

This is not without precedence. It is said that the fallen angles (parents of the Nephalim) taught man technology, particularly in war. IIRC the book of Enoch documents that God or an angel taught him writing.

Blackdog said...

Brilliant essay.
I've been trying to work my way thru a very similar theory.
You really nailed it.
Why else would guys like Albert Pike or George Soros work across generations to fullfil something they would never see come to pass?

LR said...

The Western/global ruling cabal has for generations been studying the forbidden paths of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, searching for ancient secrets that access power through the conjuration of spirits.
Is it inconceivable that that millennial quest didn't succeed. It did. Crowley's explicit introduction of satanic themes into popular culture in the 20th century was only the last stage of the evolution of global tyranny, the stage called THE REVELATION OF THE METHOD.
That is why the innumerable synchronicities involving dates and geolocations and symbols that saturate major geopolitical events, staged or not, can only partly be attributed to the design of the intelligence agencies, for while the agencies beguile the public, they themselves are beguiled by the spirits whose inspiration drives them.