Sunday 10 October 2021

Why aren't things even worse? Negative evidence that the global totalitarian project is primarily spiritual, and fought spiritually

Things are bad in the world! Satan's side in the spiritual war of this world had a great victory in early 2020, successfully achieving a global coup by its possessed agents and obedient servants; which hardly anyone noticed. 

Indeed - by my estimate - the world is worse now, more extremely-evil (in terms of value-inversion), than at any time in history. 

But... things are not as bad now, as I confidently expected they would be 18 months ago

Despite winning the political war of this mortal world - at least, on the level of observable material phenomena - the Global Establishment have not been able to pursue their strategy as far or as fast as I had anticipated. Indeed, there have been some significant easings; some retreats, here and there. 

My understanding is that this is 'negative evidence' that the primary war is spiritual, not political; and that the spiritual war is being fought harder and more effectively than the material war. 

On the basis of observable material phenomena there seems no reason why The Enemy should not press on as fast and as far as they want, because - where is there any powerful opposition? All the nations of the world have been brought in line and the major multi-national organizations were long since captured. 

Leadership of all the major social institutions are overall strongly On Side with the program of explicit evil: all mainstream political parties, multinational corporations, international finance, the civil service, police and military. legal system, health services, education, science, sports, mass media etc; and the major Christian denominations and churches.  

So what is stopping them? Why are they waiting? Why do they not simply push-through as fast as humanly possible to the hell-on-earth they intend for the masses? 

There are, I think, at least three reasons. One is that my knowledge, anybody's knowledge' is partial and distorted even when it is true. There are facts and contexts missing - so that the correct degree of pessimism cannot be established (i.e. the Palantir Problem).  

Secondly - the primary purpose of the Global Establishment is spiritual, not political; so we would not expect Them to work towards maximizing political control. 

Instead, they will tend to adjust their political objectives to optimize spiritual damage - rather than optimizing their subordinate goals of economic damage, mass enslavement, torment and killings from disease, violence and starvation etc. 

(Although low level demons delight in destruction; their primary goal is damnation; and there will be more strategic and high level demonic leaders who will try to delay the gratifications of immediate and indiscriminate destruction of life, in order to promote the large scale plan of mass damnation.)

And thirdly; while observable, measurable physical and material resistance to the strategy of Satan -  seems almost ineffectual (being infrequent, scattered and apparently feeble) - this is not, after all, the most important kind of resistance

The most important resistance to evil is in Men's hearts. 

The spiritual war is always and necessarily affected-by change in the material world, because the material is a sub-division of the spiritual realm. Nonetheless, the major arena of spiritual war is in The Spirit. 

And, since there is a significant gap between expectations and actuality based on observable and material conflict; my inference is that the major conflict is happening in the 'invisible' (but know-able) realm of the spirit. 

More exactly; I believe that They have Not been able to pursue Their evil plans as far and as fast as would have been expected given their near-monopoly of worldly power; because there is significant spiritual resistance from a sufficient number and spiritual strength of ordinary (not leadership) people around the world.

The Establishment may have all-but won the war over bodies and minds; but there is still significant and effective resistance in Men's hearts.    

This should be taken as strong encouragement. We should know that 'in theory' our own personal and individual spiritual state and commitment will make a difference to the world spiritual war; because God works through Men, and by our choices we may make ourselves an instrument of God - who is, after all, The Creator! 

By our deliberate and conscious choices, we may each become an Instrument of Divine Creation.

Therefore, God may change the world, re-create the world, both through us and also by our own sub-creative acts (mental and physical) being sustained and amplified by God's ongoing create-ing.  

As I say, Christians should know that this is true 'in theory'. But also I believe we can (as of this moment in time - things may change, of course) also observe the truth of it 'in practice'.

This, by noting the 'significant gap' between how bad things actually are at present and how bad we might reasonably have expected them to be 18 months ago; when Satan's political power first began to rule the world without significant institutional opposition - and with the major 'Christian' churches taking Satan's side. 

Thus, the 'negative material evidence' and the evil of institutions, seem to point-at positive spiritual power for Good residing in the hearts of individual Men. 


Lucinda said...

Yes, the mortal baddies don't understand that hell-on-earth is not the goal, because that would be Game Over, and evil is parasitic on Good.

But the longer the back and forth happens, the more people get used to feeling that things can't possibly get THAT bad. Instead of realizing a victory for God's Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Abundance, many will more adamantly see Randomness and "science" as a trustworthy explanation.

I am encouraged for the faithful, but saddened for those who will not hear a call to repentance before ultimate disaster.

Poppop said...

Your words are very striking and resonant with me -- I too imagined early on in '20 that by this current time (Oct 2021) we would be living in absolute hell on earth, those of us not already perished at least.

On the other hand, I can't help but wonder if it's not more along the lines of a cat toying with a mouse rather than immediately extinguishing it.

Or is it a coy attempt to whitewash the adversary in the eyes of the discerning -- "see, being under Satan isn't really all that bad, now is it?" -- obviously greasing the skids for damnation.

Finally, hasn't the man in red always been in charge of this world, anyway?

Francis Berger said...

"Thus, the 'negative material evidence' and the evil of institutions, seem to point-at positive spiritual power for Good residing in the hearts of individual Men."

An encouraging point to sum up an extremely encouraging post! Thanks!

Todd said...

I recall last year saying that perhaps the world or realm we live in is literally some sort of matrix that does not need to conform to the "laws" of physics and chemistry and economics (if economics is even a science) to the extent we thought.

Even thougth I think the world does have matrix-like, non-material qualities, even I am surprised at the lack of utter economic and social and physical destruction.

I still think the world is a matrix or simulation to some extent, but I also have felt a bit more spiritual push-back from good, normal people than I expected. However, I also note extraordinary levels of totally embracing the evil.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Todd. "I am surprised at the lack of utter economic and social and physical destruction." Yes, that's what I was getting at. Even though it will eventually come - I still expected it to come much faster.

My current best explanation is related to the unprecedented degree to which Man literally creates his chosen reality. Things continue as they do because (evil, corrupted) Mankind sustains it thus - under the direction (and willingly participating with) demonic powers.

So Man creates a world based on value inversions, and sustains it because his e-valuations are inverted as well as his valuations.

It is a kind of circularity - quite familiar from mainstream materialist-leftism - in the way it continually 'projects' the cause of all left-caused misery onto the shrinking and weak minority who oppose leftism - thus the 'progress' leftism is sustained for much longer than would be expected.

Essentially the feed back loop from reality has been captured.

Todd said...

Bruce, quick response to your post, because you said:
"the unprecedented degree to which Man literally creates his chosen reality."

Are you saying that today man creates his own reality to an unprecedented degree compared with previous eras? That would explain a lot.

I've also noticed that people seem to have lost their memories -even younger people without dementia or some brain disorder. I won't give an anecdote, but say that even this past weekend someone explicitly denied a particular event and statement that was only a few months old. He was either lying or he had literally lost the memory. And losing the memory meant losing a data point that would be evidence of a part of the System being bad. It sort of shocked me.

Could it be that people are becoming literally dissociated from divinely inspired reality, in a way that can be seen as classically mentally ill by those who are not participating in the mania or delusions?

Finally, you seem to be implying that once the opposition to the demonic forces and value inversions dies out, that the current inverted reality system will implode or die. That also intuitively makes sense. Thanks. You basically have given me a better explanation that my computer simulation matrix theory.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Todd - Yes, that's my view, pretty much: Here is explained:


Pathfinderlight said...

18 months ago, I never would have expected the Satanic power players to publicly show themselves so completely as they did in Nov 2020. To have all the proof level evidence dismissed so readily is an eye opener.

Interesting is the response to all this. A Marius figure hasn't risen up yet. Currently, people's individual responses create what Dalrock calls "more ominous than a strike", a concept of work slowage/stoppage that has no leader, but is driven by the collective reactions to immoral policies. The original article related problems in dating with economics in the Soviet Bloc.