Monday 22 August 2022

Destroy evil By Doing Good: So long as The System survives (i.e. does not collapse) things will keep getting more-evil

The nature of our situation is that The System - which, albeit with ever-decreasing effectiveness - keeps alive the unprecedented world population of about eight billion - is now un-reformably evil. 

All of the major functional sub-systems are orientated towards evil (including major Christian churches), and these subsystems maintain each other in the evil purpose. 

Thus The System acts as a powerful, multi-pronged and continuous means of corruption of 'the masses' of individual men and women.

The System is also purposively self-destructing, overall - again by many means. 

Therefore The System is certainly going to collapse. 

Yet, at the same time - because it is "a system", and this is what systems do and are - The System has an intrinsic tendency to sustain itself, and to grow. 

Thus The System is continually trying to extend into the interstices of all aspects of society (e.g. to bring the family and voluntary relationships into The System), and to extend its penetration into less-systematized nations of the world. 

Also, The System acts to crush dissent and resistance to itself: again both within nations, and also by setting core-System nations to invade (physically and ideologically) the less-systematized nations  (e.g. in the many recent revolutions and wars, initiated and sustained by the Western powers). 

So, the situation is that The System is irredeemably evil; and the longer it continues to exist, the more evil The System will inflict-upon the all-too-easily corruptible (because materialistic, God-rejecting, Christ-rejecting) masses. 

And The System is destroying itself - so that this situation cannot continue indefinitely. 

From which I infer that the longer The System lasts, the worse this will be for the souls of Men

This would seem to imply a need actively to destroy The System - and there is some truth in this; so long as the motivation for destruction is Good: i.e. on the side of God and divine creation. 

But the end does not justify the means; so that System destruction can only do good when its methods are good. 

Therefore we need to destroy the system by-means-of doing Good - every step of the way

Destroy evil By Doing Good in all our actions. 

That is the ideal. That is how Christians  must proceed. 

It's obvious once stated!


stephens said...

The System was built on the availability of lots of cheap energy. I think we are nearing the end of that so it will be severely curtailed going into the future.

Not enough carrying capacity for all the Leftist inefficiency.

That or rapid collapse! Always a possibility.

cecil1 said...

Interesting article.

Honestly, the feeling has grown stronly over the past decade that dong good is what enables this evil system to contine.

Doing good is waht subsidizes and helps hide its excesses, its parasitism, its evil, the harms it does.

The good seems to excuse it and help deomstarate that --see, its not all bad, you're exacggerating the problems

So yeah, I see more and more where is really seems doing good only helps this satanci agenda along in the most gleeful and spiteful manner.

Bruce Charlton said...

@c1 - One counter example among many. Truth is good: try being truthful about all things, great and small, for one day - then you will see how The System relies on lies/ sin to function.

On the other hand, if people start to sin supposedly in order to destroy The System - then there would be no need to have The System.

Remember, this is a *spiritual* war - Therefore, The System is ultimately just a means to the end of our spiritual corruptions and ultimate damnation.