Saturday 10 December 2022

The Eastside Torpedoes: the band I watched live more than any other

Back in the early 1980s, an infatuation with Dexy's Midnight Runners led on to becoming extremely keen on 1960s Soul/ R&B (Stax/ Atlantic/ Motown type); to the point of learning alto sax and joining a band for a couple of years.

(Until I cracked my upper incisors on a metal mouthpiece, and had to quit playing altogether... admittedly no great loss to music.)   

At this time I used to see a fair bit of live music around Newcastle upon Tyne, including by local bands - some of which much was very much to my taste. Arthur Two Stroke and the Chart Commandoes, and Ray Stubb's R'n'B All Stars were favourites; but the band I saw far more than any others was the Eastside Torpedoes - more than once even attending gigs twice in a week. 

Their repertoire was very much to my taste, with a superb four-piece brass section featuring Nigel Stanger on alto sax; who had played with The Animals, Georgie Fame and Alexis Korner; and who improvised some wonderful stuff.

The recording doesn't do the band full justice (btw the last of the three tracks is my favourite - it's superb) - but its all that remains except memories.  

I don't listen to this kind of music much these days, partly because it reminds me of an (overall) rather unhappy period of my life; but when I do, I still appreciate its power and thrilling qualities. 


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