Tuesday 17 January 2023

CO2 Global Warming - surely By Far the biggest, most destructive, lie the world has ever known

The Global-Warming-due-to-CO2 lie has now become so colossal in its scale that its effects (and costs) are beyond calculation. 

The lie has become so extensive and pervasive as directly to affect - in multiple and increasing ways - the lives of every human being; and to stress the entirety of world civilization. 

The lie works through soaring missions and strategies, down to an incremental accumulation of tiny details, and at every level in-between. 

The Global Totalitarian System (which conducted a successful and 'invisible' coup in 2020) has itself grown substantially on the back of the global warming lie; and the global warming lie has been one of the major tools by which global totalitarianism has extended its evil influence wider among nations, and deeper into the lives of Men. 

A neglected aspect of the GW-lie, is the way that it has channeled and destroyed the vague but strong spiritual aspirations which lay behind the concerns about animals and plants, nature, or 'the environment'. 

As recently as the early 1980s, these has a distinctly 'mystical' quality - for instance the adoption of Gaia as the concept of regarding earth as a genuinely living being - perhaps a real goddess...

For a while; 'Gaia' hovered ambiguously on the border between the materialist hypothesis of a homeostatically self-regulating planet; and the spirituality of an actual living entity with some degree of consciousness and intent - with whom Men might have some relationship. 

But very swiftly and decisively; the spiritual Gaia was reduced to either joke status or regarded as the preserve of benign but ineffectual hippies. 

The materialist Gaia won-out Big Time, and was sucked-up into a burgeoning globalist agenda operated by multiple national heads of state, multinational corporations, Big Finance and Big Media. 

The richest and most powerful people on the planet kidnapped Gaia, stripped her of divinity, clothed her in nothing but Carbon Dioxide, and enslaved her to do their dirty work of brainwashing and controlling the world!

The world is now ruled by a single, linked bureaucracy; and bureaucracy is intrinsically evil, as well as being the prime tool for literally-demonic policy; and CO2 Global Warming has been an important engine of this takeover.

The System operates by means of materialist assumptions; by the reductionism of all that is spiritual down to the material. This is done because 'the material' can be monitored, measured and controlled

Therefore; if men can be induced to live wholly-materially, Men can be wholly-controlled.  

CO2-Warmism is a grinding ideological vortex that has taken all our love-for, and feelings-about, nature and this world and our life upon it; has pulverized and discarded all beauty and the chance of true relationships of Men and the natural world...

And has made of this a fake-scientific discourse about the measurement and effect of concentrations of a chemical, and lies about how to control it and the climate. 

I find it hard to express the sheer vileness of what has become normal and compulsory in public policy and discourse... 

Every club or committee that is tasked with protecting The Environment; every book or magazine article about plants, animals or pollution; every classroom lecture or TV documentary on mountains, rivers, trees, wildlife; every farmer and horticulturalist in his daily work and annual planning...

All such are compelled to do obeisance to the God of CO2 and to obey his tyrannical dictates. 

Indeed, every formal group of every kind - arts, science, education, manufacture, services, churches... All must worship and submit-to the Global Warming lie.

(And even if they don't; all individual persons must still pay for the lie with their money, time and effort.)  

Unless they consciously dissociate from the Climate Lie; participants are ritually acknowledging the moral authority of the Global System...

A System whose motives are evil and whose operations are evil...

A System whose intent is to corrupt and destroy nature and 'the environment' - along with everything else that is true, virtuous and beautiful.   


William Wildblood said...

This is why we should never talk about the environment but always about the creation.

Bruce Charlton said...

Guy Jean has left a comment:

"Here's a Guardina piece on Lovelock, creator of the Gaia theory, which is refreshingly rude about the greenies (tho he still believed in climate change):

" if there's a cause of some sort, a religion starts forming around it. It just so happens that the green religion is now taking over from the Christian religion. I don't think people have noticed that, but it's got all the sort of terms that religions use. The greens use guilt. You can't win people round by saying they are guilty for putting CO2 in the air""

William James Tychonievich said...

Carbon dioxide is to the environment what the birdemic was to health: a minor/fake concern which is treated as the only important one. Things like EVs and wind farms are like the pecks: overwhelmingly harmful, but pushed because they are supposed to (but do not) effectively address the sub-issue that is being monomaniacally focused on.

Bruce Charlton said...

@GJ - But that is a false statement! - as one would expect from that corrupted source. It is written from a perspective of assumptions contrary to the truth.

It misrepresents 'religion' by equating an anti-religion (anti-theist, anti-spiritual, materialist) with religion: the proper term for this is 'ideology'. The green ideology is *destroying*, not taking over from, the Christian religion.

"You can't win people round by saying they are guilty" - but of course you can, and do! The UK (and US, and Western European) upper middle class are almost entirely won over by one or several forms of guilt: class guilt, wealth guilt, white guilt, sexual guilt, environmental guilt, etc etc.

The mainstream media are Always dishonest wrt their main narratives; if not in 'facts' or 'data', then in interpretation, or background assumptions.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William. Yes, you are right.

Perhaps 'natural creation' might get closer to what is meant here - or that old (and reviled) term 'nature'; when we want to focus upon the natural world - rather than humans or cosmology.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William JT - Yes, its a reasonable analogy.

What is striking - and a dead give-away of the demonic overlords - is that They actually prefer a lie to the truth; and the more complete the lie, the better They like it.

Except that They are spirit beings; They must be ROFL with spiteful glee to watch the civilized world self-righteously destroying itself over... Nothing.

(I still feel that the birdemic is in-principle wholly-explicable on the basis of relabeling a mish-mash of already-existing diseases and then, later, 'diagnosing' the birdemic using a test with massive false positives and irrelevant results - probably cross reacting with the peck consequences to a varying degree. There may well have been an actual birdemic agent in among that, it may well have been lab-engineered and spread on-purpose - but we cannot know for sure - in this world - either way, because there is too much dishonesty in the world now. Nor does it matter, ultimately. The peck is and always-was *absolutely certain to be harmful on a large scale* - but again, I distrust the information sources so deeply that I don't think the nature and scale of this damage will ever be known - in this world.)

william arthurs said...

On a recent holiday in Basel we visited the Basel Papermill (and museum of printing) and saw their Linotype machine, still maintained in working order. For typesetting newspapers in the old days, the ability to type in a news story, press a button and watch the machine generate entire lines of type set from hot lead, must have saved a huge amount of compositors' time. It is this that I think of when attempting to talk to (most) people. I somehow manage to push their button and a complete pre-set sentence emerges, such as "Take no notice of them, they are climate deniers, funded by Big Oil!" and equivalent slogans for all the other current things of our time.

I'm old enough to have had at school a literary education which was actually about language, encompassing everything from Shakespeare to how to be on your guard against the emotive, cliche-based claims of retail advertising -- one of the better curricula that came out of the progressive education of the 1920s. I wonder when they stopped doing this?

Jeffrey Cantrell said...

FWIW, the CO2 global warming scam is a flat out lie sold as a scientific truth. The argument is that CO2 absorbs infrared radiation thereby trapping heat on the planet. While it is true that CO2 does absorb IR radiation, it does so as two relatively narrow bands. The greenhouse gas that traps almost all IR radiation at all bands is water vapor. This is why cloudy nights are always warmer that clear ones. Not only does water vapor trap more IR, but its source covers ¾ of the planet’s surface, and when it gets warmer, more water vapor passes into the atmosphere. The net effect is that heat trapping on the planet is due to the present of water vapor by several orders of magnitude greater than CO2. Soooo, we have a global lie that everyone repeats to the point of believing it is some type of sacred truth that is based on nothing. It is almost as if that was the goal. :-/

Lady Mermaid said...

I wonder if there are any real benefits to CO2 as it's vital for plant growth. I think C02 must be beneficial in some way for the entire system of media, government, etc. to unanimously declare it a pollutant. It reminds me of the ongoing vilification of tobacco in all forms (not only industrial cigarettes) while promoting marijuana as completely harmless.

The US media has tried to start a campaign against gas stoves. It was so obviously coordinated. The problem for the System is that the lies are starting to wear thin. Climate hysteria may have been remotely plausible in the 1990s/early 20th century. However, all of the predictions never materialized so the goalposts keep shifting. The birdemic caught a lot of people off guard (including myself) but the cracks are widening. Switzerland, home of Big Pharma, has destroyed millions of peck doses as booster uptake is thankfully low and declining.

While there are plenty of true believers in the System agenda, around 1/3 to 1/2 of the population no longer trust it (particularly in the States). Now the System can start resorting to outright hard coercion but it ultimately prefers consent. That's the ultimate demonic dilemma.