Sunday 1 January 2023

Blog Traffic Report 2022

8,724K - All-Time Page Views (7,364 posts)

987K - Page Views for 2022

2.5-3K per day (approximate) modal average Page Views

Top Five posts by Page Views

10.7K History tells us... that history is a misleading guide to 2020 

5.14K Global Giga-death - what are the apocalyptic options? 

2.62K "An inflexion-point in the collapse of The West" - My review of Amazon's "Rings of Power" 

1.1K The distinctive quality of ruling-class evil - now (for the first time) explicit, mandatory and universal 

0.94K They make it So easy for Us - and yet...


Allenford said...

On your giga-death entry, and starvation. The vegan push comes to mind, and the troubles in the Low Countries. Very sad. It's another lie that plant food is ethically and nutritionally superior to animal food. Huge degradation of topsoil in plant ag. Animal ag produces topsoil. Huge numbers of mammals and insects killed in plant ag – much, much lower in animal ag. Beef might be the perfect food: nutritionally very dense, makes happy people, no auto-immune issues, and it really is all we need to survive, beyond water.

Sasha Melnik said...

I'll quietly dump my synlogos 2022 stats here since you're the largest referree by a day's march.

11,514 hits (6,715 visitors) via Bruce
1,924 hits (1,551) via Adam
1,492 hits (988) via William
1,223 hits (536) via Jack (Sigmaframe)
567 hits (372) via Orthosphere
525 hits (460) via Francis
297 hits (282) via WRSA

184K total unique visitors (by unique ip address) from anywhere.

Of which I suspect about 50K might have been actual human beings (hopeful!) - which is to say, they requested the stylesheets!

I have no active tracking so I have NO idea what people click on as to exit synlogos.

Interestingly my own web log analysis shows a slight upward trend, whereas the google search shows a slight downward trend. We know big tech are against us on anti-principle in both spirit and mind - I expect the google console results to continue to erode, slowly...