Thursday 16 February 2023

Establishment Systematic Big Lies - such as apparently-delusional victory optimism - have a covert meaning

There is far too much 'gotcha!' smugness in the anti-totalitarian commentariat, about noticing and exposing the gross and monolithic lies of the global totalitarian Establishment. 

Yes, of course They lie grossly, and of course They have constructed an entire system of lies - a fake-virtual-reality, or virtuality as I've termed it. 

But They have reasons for doing this - in particular, each major theme of the virtuality is strategic

People are much too ready to accuse Them of being stupid, or of engaging in random PSYOPS - as if any lie would suffice for their purposes. 

Yes, They are stupid; and yes They are engaging in PSYOPS by getting people to believe and affirm incoherent falsehoods - but that is not the whole explanation; and we need to look behind the specific lies that They have chosen to make the long-term and coordinated focus of their plans. 

Because each of these Establishment Systematic Big Lies has a covert reason, that contributes to progression of the agenda of evil. 

Topically; there us a system of lies relating to the Fire Nation conflict, whereby a fake narrative of imminent victory for the West is being pushed and pushed - regardless of realities. This has now reached such an extremity of ludicrousness that it is vital we try to understand what is its function. 

I think I know its function; and if I am correct it is very evil indeed. 

First of all; although you and I realize that this imminent victory narrative is a Big Lie - the passive and ignorant masses (broadly) swallow it; and the intellectual class functionaries whole-heartedly believe its truth. 

Consequently, I think the function of the imminent victory virtuality is to depict the FN as desperate cornered beasts, who will do anything to escape their fate; and this is intended to provide cover for covert staging of a "fake-pennant" incident -- which will actually be performed by the West, on the West - and will probably use what might be called "Armaments of Large-Scale Wrecking" of one sort or another (probably the obvious kind). 

Given that the realities of the situation are opposite from the virtuality, and the imminence of defeat is the opposite of what Western officialdom and media say - the real-life "cornered beasts" are apparently urgently desperate to escalate their efforts; and (given the natural reluctance of most people when it comes to rapid annihilation) 

...They need a plausible excuse for instant, all-out, and no-holds-barred conflict.   

Therefore I am expecting, imminently, exactly such a "fake-pennant" ALSW on one or more of the Western (so-called-) allies; blamed (by the monolithic media-bureaucracy) on the FN. 

I cannot help hoping this does not happen - even though it would be (as some say) karmic; yet, I think it probably will happen - unless a powerful counter-group arises to expel and discredit the currently most-powerful world leadership class. 

Which seems very unlikely - albeit not impossible. 

But even if the fake-pennant plan does get stopped; this will not do Mankind overall and eventual Good unless the stoppers are well-motivated. 

If the stoppers are just the omni-surveillance/ total-control 'Reset' totalitarians - who want to avoid world war only so as to impose a global slave state and controlled-extermination System; then what eventuates will be merely a frying-pan to fire swap.  

Good outcomes absolutely need Good motivations dominantly driving the actions. And nowadays, Good motivations need to be upfront and explicit...

We should keep that in mind.


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Fake pennant? Armaments of large-scale wrecking? Those are some pigeonhole menace-tier circumlocutions there! Respect.

Bruce Charlton said...

@WmJas - Ha! Glad to get your aquatic mammal of approbation.

Jacob Gittes said...

Well put.
I had been wondering which force might be more powerful and in-control: those entities that want to defeat the FN at all costs, or those who want a functional, non-destroyed empire left to control with their crazy Agenda 2030-type plans.
We shall see.

G said...

Is there something good about you that a distressingly logical post on a distressingly serious topic still manages to be warm and funny. Putting the eu in euphemism.

I eagerly await our mass mandated voluntary accretion to the armed forces ;)

Bruce Charlton said...

@G - Thank you, Sir. I endeavour to give satisfaction!