Tuesday 28 February 2023

The PSYOPS are to make people Lie: because this is a spiritual war, and they want us self-damned, not merely killed

Just an observation that seems often to be missed...

For Christians, lying is a sin; yet great swathes of people in many walks of life (especially the ruling and middling classes) are required to lie for their living. 

Yet hardly any Christians even remember that lying is a sin; and even-fewer emphasize it -- much preferring to focus on the spectacular stuff like torture, murder, rape, arson and theft (i.e. sins of which, non-coincidentally, most Christians themselves are innocent). 

Therefore lying is surely (it must be!) by-far the commonest and least repented of all sins

This explains the massive PSYOPS of recent years, which are based on Big Lies; which require systematic dishonesty; and which require more-and-more people to believe, and speak, and act-upon, and defend untruth

Most of the PSYOPS are attempts (apparently successful) to normalize and render invisible untruthfulness - including getting 'everybody' to ignore or deny The Obvious; and to 'forget' the deliberate sins and horrors of Mainstream-approved and -implemented policies. 

In an ultimate sense - thanks to Jesus Christ - sinning 'does not matter' to salvation: so long as it is repented. 

It is because we do not recognize untruthfulness, deliberate misleading, and dishonesty as sins; that they are not repented - and therefore become a form of chosen self-damnation

This is a major reason why, and how, They are winning the spiritual war. 


Francis Berger said...

Yes, this is crucial. And it goes deeper than simply being honest about one's dishonesty -- though even that alone would be a major step in the right direction for most. Still, acknowledging one's dishonesty is merely acknowledgement. Repentance is required.

Having said that, I am finding it increasingly difficult to accept the "do not recognize untruthfulness, deliberate misleading, and dishonesty as sins" as an explanation for non-repentance. I am all for charity, but how much more obvious do these things have to become before they are recognized? In other words, is the non-recognition authentic or is it willful? If it is willful, then it is just another layer of lying (which is one of your points here).

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - "In other words, is the non-recognition authentic or is it willful?"

People fool themselves, almost (but not quite) unconsciously.

One tactic seems to be making a single Big Lie decision such as "the official narrative is true", or "the church authorities speak for God" - and this takes care of the hundreds of smaller lies of everyday life.