Sunday 16 April 2023

A Hobbiton-esque water mill (ruined)

I walked past this semi-ruined water-mill today (on one of our favourite walks, around Stocksfield in Northumberland); which always reminds me of JRR Tolkien's stylized illustration (wheel too small for a real mill) from The Hobbit (detail below):

Although The Shire was located a couple of hundred miles south; such evidence makes it likely that Hobbits once inhabited these Northerly parts of England. 

 From some time before 1913

(Another farmer - a Northumbrian shepherd surname Dagg - with probable hobbit ancestry)

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Francis Berger said...

That's beautiful. There's a ruined water-mill about 100 meters from my house. It's not quite as picturesque or hobbit-evoking as the one in the photo above, but it does possess its own particular 19th-century central European charm.