Tuesday 18 April 2023

When Mens' core motivations are defective...

The depth of The Problem in current civilization is located at the most basic level of motivations: i.e. primarily in what people want; secondarily in how strongly they want it. 

There is a significant defect in the strength of motivations, which arises ultimately from the wrongness of motivations - we cannot be strongly-motivated over time, by fake or feeble motivators. 

Potentially (and in the past) the strongest innate motivators for Men are 'religious' - and since religion has been excluded (or severely weakened) the remaining motivators are all labile, short-termist and selfish - for example sex (or the desire for any other pleasurable sensation). 

The short-termist and selfish desires of sex are not capable of being synthesized into any kind of coherent strategy for life, or The World; and the un-repented effort to do so has led to the self-contradictory, self-defeating, negations of the evolving (de-volving) sexual revolution - which began in propagating a hedonic free-for-all, and has becoming a bureaucratic, totalitarian minefield . 

In other words; people are trying and failing (over and again) to make a life and a philosophy of life, from the strongest motivators that remain to them after the spirit has been deleted - which are the evanescent (and zero-sum) pleasures of sex, travel, intoxication, status, power, resentment, fear, sadism and spite... fleeting daydreams or nightmares of various kinds. 

But so long as the spiritual dimension is excluded, ignored or downgraded - persistent failure never leads to insight, learning and repentance - so Western man chases will-o-the-wisps with all his energies -- until dragged-down by despair, disease, or death.       

Yet religious motivations are failing as well. They have, in The West, become so enfeebled that a large majority of the most devout church goers (of all types  of church, including Christian) are indistinguishable from the Godless-masses when it comes to supporting the core evil agenda strategies

Even when religious people discern the proximate, in-your-face, evils of Western Civ; such people fail to understand that these are the inevitable, baked-in, product of remote but primary ultimate causes that often enjoy their unthinking, habitual, or even passionate, support. 

Thus there is a double-whammy of weak motivations - because the only valid motivators are long-term, cosmic in scope, and coherent. 

The usual response is to 'thrash-around' seeking immediate, socially-approved and momentarily-rewarding motivators from the content of modern culture - all of which are all evil and manipulative in origin; such that they are invariably temporary in effect, and leave people positioned in ever worse - ever more desperate - situations; drowning in tidal despair while grasping-at (ever-smaller and soggier) straws of optimism.

Taking a step back and trying to understand more deeply the ultimate causes of this situation in order to find a strong and valid motivation for our-selves is now an absolute necessity; the alternative to which is spiritual death. 

In such a pervasively and overwhelmingly corrupt culture; this deeper and larger consideration absolutely must be done by individuals; done by each and every human being. 

This seems to be 'asking a lot' of people - who have, through much of history, either followed their instincts, been given-out a spirituality to live-by; or had trusted sources of institutional guidance which they simply needed to obey. 

It may be 'asking a lot' of people to 'go-it-alone' in the quest of true-motivation - it may seem 'unreasonable' to require every single individual to do this for himself...

But consider: Who will benefit? 

The answer is that each individual will benefit from his own efforts; not merely temporarily in this mortal life (by the benefits of discovering and choosing a strong and lasting motivation from-which this mortal life may be created); but also forever.  

And this is something that - exactly because only-we can accomplish it - our loving God has therefore made possible for anyone to accomplish - if only they make the serious attempt. 

How much more incentive do we need?

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