Friday 31 May 2024

It's now safe to torment Mankind: Spitefully-destructive strategies are only dominant when self-chosen damnation can be assumed

Why is it that it is only in the past few years, that spitefully destructive (Sorathic) evil has begun to gain the upper-hand among the demon-affiliated ruling classes? 

After all; They have always hated people (and particular types of people), and have always has the possibility of harming and killing them en masse. And destruction is easy, and there are so many possible ways of doing it that such a strategy is almost guaranteed to win. 

And demons (and those they possess, and those who serve them) absolutely love to inflict pain and destruction upon... anybody (including each other) - but especially those who are affiliated with God and The Good.  

What stopped Them in the past? 

What made Them, instead, mostly subscribe to the global totalitarian, bureaucratic-managerial strategy of omni-surveillance and complete-control? 

I think the answer has to do with the state of the spiritual war of this mortal world: the war between God and divine creation, and salvation - and those who oppose all of these.

While spiteful destruction has always been easy, historically it was spiritually counter-productive - because suffering and death usually led people towards God.

(This can be seen in the way that war often used to operate overall to strengthen the side of God and weaken Satan.) 

But nowadays, after atheism/ materialism/ leftism has been triumphant and in-control for several generations; after the deletion of the religious and spiritual has led to widespread value-inversion ...

This situation has reversed; such that suffering and death now lead away from God instead of towards - and into short-term hedonism and long-term despair (both of which are in opposition to the divine agenda). 

So, that's why we are only-now getting spiteful-destruction so good and so hard; so openly pursued, and explicitly planned; where economic and environmental destruction, war, sickness, sex and race-hatred, and civil chaos are such major and endemic agenda items... 

It is because the demonic powers are now (and for the first time in history) confident that the value-corruption of the world (and especially the West) has now progressed so far, and is so solidly-established... 

That the demonic desire for tormenting and murdering can at-last be indulged on a large scale - without the past fear that an acceleration of suffering and death would be likely lead to the "backlash" of turning Men towards God and salvation.    


Mia said...

I wonder if the demons are frustrated because most people seem awfully indifferent to the torture. It reminds me of your suicide pill prediction because the modern strategy is to carve out as much pleasure as you can for as long as you can, then almost on a dime descend into despair and ultimately (usually veiled forms of) suicide. Only during that descent period can you potentially reach people, so the demons will aim to make that window as small as possible.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Mia - That sounds likely to be correct.

I believe that damnation used to be difficult and rare; because people must choose it, it was "never too late" and easy to repent.

(CS Lewis expresses the difficulties of the demons very well in his Screwtape books.)

It's only Now (and especially in The West") that many/most people actually seem to hate and be-disgusted-by the idea of resurrected Heavenly life (even when they believe it may be true); and express a positive desire for self-annihilation of various kinds - or express apparent desires to live-out hellish fantasies post-mortally.

Francis Berger said...

I agree with what you have expressed here. Some claim people will wake up and turn to God when things get really bad. Perhaps I'm pessimistic, but I don't see that happening for the most part. People are too far gone.

First, how much worse must things get, spiritually speaking? Second, any acceleration or intensification of suffering will likely motivate people to seek "help" from the very powers that are tormenting them. Either that, or some kind of merciful, painless annihilation.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - Absolutely.

"how much worse must things get, spiritually speaking?"

That's part of the key. There is just so much denial about how Very bad things actually are - and that is partly because people are focused almost wholly on material conditions in this world and this mortal life.

...And this worldliness, I suspect, it one of the deep flaws in emphasis that has been baked-into Christianity over the centuries (I mean, the idea that Christianity is ultimately and mandatorily about doing, and not doing (here-and-now), and publicly promising and affirming, systems of prescribed behaviours), which is why the errors are nigh impossible to eradicate.

In the end, we've reached a point of such mega-complexity and abstraction, and sheer confusion wrt authority and responsibility, that the simple and obvious is exactly what is invisible and deniable.