Thursday, 8 December 2011

DO NOT READ THIS BLOG - The paradox of Christian reactionary blogging


The paradox of Christian reactionary blogging is that the basic ethos of blogging is hostile to the Christian reactionary life.

We blog, in part, for 'company', and to keep each other's spirits up; but the behavior of frequent blogging, keeping-up with blogs, commenting etc is all very much part of the world of mass media and on-line inter-connectivity that is one of the major reasons for that state of affairs which - in our blogs - we lament.

We want (and get) regular, attentive, insightful readers and commenters, yet deep down perhaps we would prefer that they had 'better things to do' - and that we did too!

Perhaps the underlying intention in Christian reactionary blogs is akin to Wittgenstein's last comments in his Tractatus. In paraphrase:

Anyone who understands me finally recognizes my propositions as senseless. When he has climbed out through them, on them, over them; then he must throw away the ladder. 

In other words, once the reader 'gets' what a reactionary blogger is saying, he should stop reading that blog!