Thursday, 8 December 2011

Secular Leftism and brain rot


One aspect of 'things coming to a point' is that everything is becoming connected: beliefs are much more connected and inter-correlated than they used to be and people who are wrong about the main thing are wrong about almost everything.

I can observe that those who continue to hold to Secular Leftism - the face of its evident evils - dishonesty, incompetence, psychosis - are nowadays becoming more and more obviously wrong about everything else.

In the past it was possible, indeed common, for people to have a mixture of wrong and right beliefs; or to be right about the main things but wrong about peripheral things.

Now we perceive that evil - falsity, ugliness, moral-inversion - has spread, permeated-through people's whole minds to render their judgements generally unsound.

Because Leftists have systematically suppressed their discriminatory abilities, they are now rendered incapable of detecting blatant lying, gross incompetence, charlatans, careerists, psychopaths, charm merchants, thugs and hysterics.

The same people who used to cultivate their instincts, develop their hearts, to navigate through the world are now helpless dupes.

Their carefully cultivated inability to acknowledge the obvious has opened their mental doors to wicked, destructive nonsense.

They have trained themselves in habits of abstraction such that - whatever happens - and I mean anything that happens - is almost-instantly re-framed into the narrative of political correctness. The cognitive dissonance lasts only a few seconds....

And this is our ruling elite.

They are now far beyond human help - and will lead us to utter destruction; unless replaced lock, stock and barrel.