Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Archbish of C speaks to the nation: spot the Christian Reference


This person is the leader of my church giving his annual address to the nation.

It is essentially a stagnant heap of Leftist, evasive, multi-culti, politically correct propaganda - but don't miss the Christian reference... comes, briefly, about three and a half minutes into a four and a half minute video.


Otherwise, what can one say about this?

What words describe it?

Banal, trite, obscure, wrong whenever it is not platitudinous, missing the point - but then what is the point supposed to be?

I can only guess he is setting up a straw man of Britain's supposed hostility to 'young people' and then proposing some vague and ineffectual secular ways this can be tackled. 

But why? Why did he do this? What does he think he is doing? Has he any conception of how clownish and unprincipled he appears - how c & u he actually is?


The Church of England evangelical protestant church I support has a tremendous range of exciting and amusing activities for children (including my kids); these activities also have an obvious and unashamed evangelical and Christian educational element to them. It 'works', and consequently this is one of the ten biggest Anglican Churches in England (measured by the size of the regular congregation). Yet of course, this church is at the opposite pole from the Archbish of C and seriously at loggerheads with the liberal Anglican hierarchy.