Monday, 13 February 2012

Dishonesty breeds dishonesty - the example of examinations


Modern UK examinations are easy to cheat.

(By examinations I mean any work where marks count for qualifications.)

Those who set the exams are dishonest about this, pretending that there will not be cheating.

Therefore, many people cheat - which is dishonest.

That there is cheating, is obvious, and known - but it is dishonestly pretended that there is not cheating.

Yet cheating is endemic, and obvious - always present at high prevalence.

But because of this pervasive dishonesty - all round and on all sides; cheating must be proven, with legal standards of proof.

Anyone who detects cheating is punished, by lots of extra work and an assumption of cruelty and malice - the crime being to reveal reality in a system of dishonesty.

Lies beget lies beget lies - people are corrupt and know they are corrupt and come to accept that corruption which is an evil, of course - but the original fault was with the rulers, the leaders, the teachers who made it easy, profitable, unpunished to cheat in exams.


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