Sunday, 12 February 2012

On the other side of repentance


There is no possibility of averting the collapse of the West without explicit repentance: we can only be saved by repentance.


But then, after repentance, what would we need actually to do? What specific things?

Ah - that we don't know - that is on the other side of repentance.

Only if we repent will we find out what we need to do.


(There is no point at all making plans about it now. The plans we could make on this side of repentance could only be bad plans.) 


But if we must repent, what must be repented?

If it is merely that we repent our soft-heartedness or irrationality then we will get cruel secular fascism, nothing better.

But if we repent our sin - that is to say our worldly, materialistic, secular hedonism; which is the state of being turned-away from God and towards our own gratification - then we may eventually get something much better than what we will lose.


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