Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Ortho-square? - fruit of hubris?


The Orthosphere notion was doing reasonably well, it seemed, until we named ourselves.

Immediately Daniel at Out of Sleep ceased blogging, a few days later Bonald at Throne and Altar threatened to slow down blogging soon (hasn't happened yet...) and now the man who suggested the concept of a 'sphere' - Proph at Collapse: the blog, has put us on notice that he will become an infrequent blogger...

So what began vagely resembling a sphere - or more like a cube - is now a two-dimensional object - an ortho-square of daily-bloggers; or, if Bonald fulfils his threat, an ortho-triangle...

(And this includes unilaterally forcing the label upon View from the Right and Thinking Housewife.)

The new article in Brussels Journal called Rise of the Orthos

was, it seems, written just in time - because at this rate there will soon be nothing much left to write about!