Sunday, 23 March 2014

We are Boll Weevils. Question: How would we know that God is punishing us?


Answer: When we deny that we are being punished.

(And pretend that what we are getting is what we wanted all along.)


(Note: In general, God 'punishes' us simply by not intervening to save us from the consequences of our own deliberate choices.)


A person or a society has not learned its lesson when it denies there is any lesson to learn.


So the pervasive moral inversions characteristic of political correctness flow from this depth of depravity and corruption.

Everything gets turned upside down: we violate reality and bad things happen - but the bad things are not perceived to be the effects of the cause - the bad things are denied to be the effects of the cause - and at the limit the bad things are denied to be bad, and redescribed as good.


This is most evident in respect to the sexual revolution - for example divorce.

At first, divorce was bad - something to be prevented, or at least severely discouraged.

Then it was made easier, to be kind to those who were in a desperately unhappy situation; and as divorce was easier it became more common - much more common.

And this was regarded as good, because more divorce meant fewer unhappy marriages.

And when lots of divorces were regarded as positively good, there were even more of them.

An now divorce is so common, so normal; and solid marriage is so rare, and families so rare; and the scene is such a landscape of destruction, that it is regarded as simply hurtful to those implicated to talk about the subject.

It is too late now, it seems, to admit that divorce is bad and always was bad; to try and set up things to have less divorce instead of ever-more - and of course to speak out in favour of strengthening marriage and families is pretty much to don a black shirt and march to Nuremberg.


In this topsy-turvy world, to destroy the meaning of marriage, to make it a mere piece of paper and legal fiction, is regarded as if this was wanting to spread the benefits of marriage - but by 'no fault divorce' the most solemn of all human contracts (announced weeks in advance, formally reflected upon, the signing typically witnessed by dozens or even hundreds) has been declared not-a-contract-at-all - since it can unilaterally be voided on any grounds or for no reason at all.


But where is the outcry? Where is the sense that we are now far along a road to ruin? 

This is a strange and sinister situation we are in here and now - because the fact of being wounded does not normally or naturally destroy the desire to be healthy.

To have sinned oneself does not usually destroy or invert the belief in virtue - otherwise there would never have been any social concept of virtue.

And yet this is what we are doing.


We are being punished, and the reason we need to be punished is that we deny we are being punished.

We claim to enjoy our punishment - we claim our punishment is actually a reward!

De first time I seen de boll weevil,
He was a-settin' on de square.
An de next time I seen de boll weevil,
He had all of his family dere.
Jes lookin' for home
Gotta find a new home....

So de farmer took de boll weevil,
An' he put him in de ice cold ice;
An de weevil say to de farmer:
Dis is mighty cool and nice,
It'll be my home,
Dis'll be my home...

De farmer take de boll weevil,
An' he stomp him in de mud
An de weevil say to de farmer
Ain't gonna do you no good
Dis'll be my home,
Dis'll be my home...

Note: The boll weevil was an insect parasite that destroyed the cotton in Southern USA - apparently it spread fast and was difficult to eradicate.  The above is my memory of a part of the Boll Weevil song from a Wally Whyton LP.