Thursday 20 March 2014

What is the problem about love that needs solving?


What problem was I trying to solve here?:

Simply that the modern idea of love is an emotion felt - love as something which comes and goes. Overpowering... then gone.

Love is seen as something which starts at birth and finishes at death.

This concept of the nature and properties of love is not just sexual love or eros; but includes all kinds of love.


But this is a problem, a big problem, for Christians - who believe (and try to convince others) that love is the primary value... more than this, the primary force in the universe: that which binds real reality.


So, Christians need either/ both:

1. A strong personal metaphor of love - which is (of course) God as Father and we his children.

2. And/ or a metaphysics of love - a 'physics-like' abstract metaphor of love, which describes how love is the actual and ultimate basis of reality - of structure and change - how it operates in a manner independent of the unstable, contingent whims and moods of the human mind.


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Adam G. said...

This sounds like a very productive track. You are asking the right questions and framing the answers productively. I look forward to seeing what you discover.