Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I don't vote - haven't voted about anything for five years. Why?

One of the fall-outs from my being sacked from the Medical Hypotheses editorship five years ago was a clarification of the wrongness of voting and a resolution not to vote, and to avoid (as far as I can) participation in voting.

Voting is a corrupting process - and for me the corruption is palpable. It feels like giving a sworn public endorsement to someone I know to be an evil liar.

The fact that it is futile is the least of its problems; the worst of it is the tacit agreement that voting is how things should be done, how decisions should be made - this 'should' being focused upon an arbitrary mechanical process which destroys moral responsibility.

Worse than this - voting has usurped responsibility; so that now it is abstract, impersonal voting and calculation which is seen as responsible and a person's judgement which is seen as arbitrary. The brutal, orthogonal senselessness of it is what first stuns then paralyses the will, drains the ability - even the desire - to evaluate....

To participate in the vote, to acknowledge the result, to live by the outcome... is vile. To say this is good: to say it is the best! - is to wallow in vileness.

Voting is, literally, un-loveable - and life ought to be about love.

We can only love persons, and obedience is properly due only to persons who love us.

Among mortal men this will be at best an imperfect, a defective, mixed, partial striving after the unattainable reality of leaders who love and care for us like ideal parents, like God. We should aim for that, in ideal and in practice, and not routinely violate even the possibility of love with meaning-annihilative exercises of voting.