Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A secular society cannot have Good government, and will always choose Leftist government

The Left versus Right political discourse is a snare.

Of course, Left and Right is a nonsensical distinction in the contemporary world. In The West all mainstream political parties, and nearly-all of the fringe, are on the Left!


Politics is on The Left because its principles are secular - which is to say we have a God-excluding politics, a politics 'built-upon' some kind of utilitarian (pleasure-pain) calculus.

(Except that it is impossible truly to 'build' upon utilitarianism, so instead we get long-term destruction.)

The only real alternatives are The Left (ie. all mainstream politics/ media), or Religion (ie. The Right that does not exist).

Not Left versus Right; instead, (secular) Left versus Religion.


Society is either secular - based on evanescent psychological expediencies; or else society is based on religion - and ultimately, overall, in the long run, aiming to run things in a way satisfactory to divinity.

The primary choice that is not-Left is therefore "which religion?" That question is the basis of real politics - now extinct.

(For the modern West there are only two viable religious choices, of which Christianity is currently the one less likely to prevail.)


Government is properly just a means to an end. The big question should be 'what end?'

In our secular, increasingly anti-Christian world, the problem is that our 'end' - our aim - is wrong. Ultimately, Western people (en masse) do not know what are the right things to do.

But because public discourse excludes/ rejects Christianity; from a Christian perspective (which is where I stand) we are not even trying to do the right things.


We do not have 'good intentions' that are thwarted by available political options - quite the contrary: in The West we are actively trying to pursue wrong goals and to live by wrong ideas. The big problem as we stand now is not the politics but the people; the people are corrupt, cowardly, pleasure seeking, trivial.

From where we currently stand, nothing Good can happen until after the people (en masse) recognize their appalling, evil-seeking, destructive spiritual state; and repent.


Nowadays, in an increasingly-corrupt world of mostly-corrupt people aiming at ever more corruption; political analysis and discussion is therefore only of value when it leads to a consideration of ultimate goals - asking what, overall, are we trying to achieve'; what, overall, is our society aiming-at? And does that make sense: And is it Good?