Sunday 31 May 2015

Reader's Question: Does Leftist teleology correspond to the female psyche?


Reader's Question: "I have heard other commentators speculate that Leftist teleology corresponds most closely with the female psyche. I was wondering if you had any thoughts as to its validity."

My answer: No. 

Teleology is purpose, and the ultimate purpose of Leftism is destruction of The Good.  

In other words Leftism is ultimately evil, and corresponds with the demonic psyche (and not, therefore, the female psyche).


There are indeed superficial ways in which modern New Leftism, or Political Correctness in the West is dominated by appeals on the one hand to the characteristically female disposition and motivations, and on the other hand to  men's spontaneous and deep-rooted tendency to 'gallantry': to protect and privilege women. 

As Steve Moxon points out in The Woman Racket, - in almost all societies, almost everywhere, and from an objective and biological perspective, women are the favoured sex - this is 'hard-wired' into our species by natural selection because the average woman is more important to reproduction than the average man: indeed the average man is biologically disposable, does not reproduce at replacement level, and is actively filtered-out of the gene pool due to the mutation load he is carrying. 

Biologically (NOT from a Christian perspective!), perhaps the primary function of 'the male' is to compete for reproduction; the relatively-few winners of competition having the 'good genes' - i.e. the fewest deleterious mutations - and siring the majority of the next generation, and the majority of males destined to fail to reproduce.

A particular psycho-social deformation of  modernity is therefore to direct preferences to the already-preferred sex - which creates all kinds of distortions and confusions. 

However, this is not the teleology (or purpose) of Leftism - it is merely a means to the end (which is destruction of Good) - a mean that happens to be effective for contingent historical reasons in some societies. 


At other times and places Leftism has been dominated by a focus on (preference for) the Proletariat (male manual workers), Nationalism and native populations, particular races or ethnicities, or (as now) other-nations/ races/ ethnicities/ immigrants. 

In sum, for Leftism, any stick is good enough to beat Goodness with - and women will be taken-up and then discarded as and when convenient - as happened with the previous Leftist deployment of other ideologies such as the Proletariat (which meant, in practice, native working class men), antisemitism (i.e. National Socialism in Germany), Nationalism (especially dominant in mid-19th century European Leftism),  overt atheist anti-Christianity (the early decades of the USSR), and atheist anti-clericalism (which, according to the atrocities they committed, primarily motivated the Left in the Spanish civil war). 


To understand the teleology of the Left; remember that much of mortal earthly life is spiritual warfare, and think of a demon searching for a weapon to attack Goodness. 

He (or she) will pick-up and use any person, group, idea for just as long as it is expedient or effective - then drop it and use another. 

And since destruction is the ultimate aim of the Left; it may be that, when one weapon is dropped, the demon will then turn and destroy his old weapon with his new weapon - as happened with the group 'native working class men' (the Proletariat) who the Left used, discarded and then (currently) attacked with 'other races', women, immigrants etc. 

The aim is destruction. The Left is in business as long as anything Good is remaining to destroy - and therefore the ultimate Leftist act is suicide. 


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