Thursday, 1 October 2015

Seven questions about angels

It is pretty much mandatory for Christians to believe in angels, since they are mentioned so frequently in the Bible. But the angels in which people believe are rather various.

I would be interested to know some details about what those who believe in angels believe about them.

If any of the following questions seem relevant to your experience and knowledge, please comment.

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(BTW I am asking here about the good-angels, the un-fallen angels, those angels engaged in doing the work of God - not demons. )

  1. Are angels all of the same origin - or are there various ways of becoming an angel? 
  2. Is each angel an unique personality (in the way that Men are)?
  3. Can angels make spiritual progress - or do they stay at the level they are created? Can an angel be corrupted into evil intentions? 
  4. Can an angel learn? Can an angel make mistakes? 
  5. Do angels have autonomy (in the way that Men do): are they free agents in their work? (Or, are they always working on the basis of very detailed instructions, implementing God's will directly?) 
  6. Could an angel not know he was an angel - but instead think he was a Man, and be performing some role as such? Related - were any famous people of history actually angels? 
  7. So far as you know, have you encountered an angel in actual life? Do you believe such nowadays encounters are universal, common, normal, rare or extremely-rare?