Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The two main reasons why 'diversity' is a bad thing

1. Diversity is never what the organization is about.

The organization is about Christianity, or education, science, military effectiveness or something like that: some function.

So a policy of diversity in-principle weakens functionality: always.

2. Diversity is a blank cheque for destruction.

Even in theory 'representativeness' is impossible because there are an open-ended number of ways in which representativeness can be demanded, and of situations in which it can be demanded.

Achieving the impossible is... impossible.

Actual real-life examples of allegedly-desirable diverse categories that 'ought' to be represented include: race (including sub-races) and skin colour (which somewhat cuts-across defined races); religion - and rival/ hostile denominations within religions, and types of no-religion; nationality and also the regions within nations; language use; immigration/ migration status; political views; age (old and young); sex - initially men and women but now now including inter sex and self-defined gender; sexual preferences between and within sexes (and there are a lot of these)...

Diversity requires first representation; then proportionate representation.

Even mere representation is impossible to attain. Simple representation of all diversity is mathematically impossible in almost all relevant situations.

But once proportionate representation rears its head - which it always does - then the mathematical impossibility of achieving proportionate representation at all significant levels and in all segments of society becomes even more obvious and less deniable. Just attempting to achieve it will inevitably be destructive.

Diversity demand representativeness, but does not limit representativeness. There are ever-more categories which are demanded representation leading onto proportionate representation. Further, diversity is continually abolishing its own definition of progress by continually introducing new categories - so the scale of 'injustice' remains fresh and urgent; justice remains ever out-of-reach.

All this is obvious; and if it wasn't obvious to dumb or naive people twenty-five years ago it is obvious now.

Therefore the proponents of diversity are deliberately and strategically destructive.

The advocates of diversity do not, not, NOT have 'good intentions' - insofar as they demand diversity for organizations and nations which have some good to their functionality - then their intentions are evil; because they are demanding the destruction of the organization by a principle which will displace its proper goals and which is impossible to achieve.

Diversity is not just a nice idea which can be abused, as most conservatives apparently suppose: it is a fundamentally wicked idea - it is an idea whose very principles are cancerously fatal.

We need to recognize the simple truth that the supposed 'ethical principle' of diversity is evil: root and branch - and not by accident, but by calculation.

Therefore, we should never acknowledge that 'diversity' is a desirable goal, we should never approve even just a little local bit of 'diversity' to be good, welcome or nice; because this is opening the door to evil, and asking it to enter.

Diversity is neither desirable, nor a goal.


Note added: 
Diversity is insatiable: Diversity is Ungoliant - the primal she-spider of Tolkien's Silmarillion. 
Diversity lusts to consume all that lives, grows and is Good. But its hunger is never assuaged, not in the slightest degree. If we feed Diversity, it grows in strength but is never satisfied. 
Ultimately Diversity would consume the world - and then, when nothing else was left to eat, consume itself.