Thursday, 15 October 2015

The shaving ritual

Shaving has taken-up a substantial chunk of my life, but on the whole it is a positive experience - a ritual.

As such, it has very specific ritual equipment.

  • Badger bristle brush
  • Pears transparent soap
  • Erasmic shaving Soap
  • Bic twin bladed disposable safety razor (for sensitive skin)
  • Johnson's Baby Lotion

...Yes, it is all rather let-down by the plastic disposable razor; but these are simply the best that money can buy - for my needs (as well as being unmatched value for money). Anything else cuts my face.

(I would also note that the late great broadcaster Alistair Cooke was a user of Bic disposables.)

Bowl of warm water - chuck in the brush and razor. Wet face, then rub it with the Pears soap. Take brush and rub brush first onto Pears soap, and then give it a good frothing in the bowl of Erasmic shaving soap. Use brush to apply creamy froth to face, and massage into face with brush ad lib. Shave. Rinse. Dry. Apply Johnson's Baby Lotion. 

The strangest aspect is the use of two soaps - all I can say is that this combination results in the creamiest and most effectively lubricating type of froth.

Badger bristle is acknowledged to be the best - my brushes were very expensive (both gifts) and are about twenty-plus years old. My understanding is that the contributing badger died of natural causes after a happy life.

Note: If you mess-up and nick yourself under the ear, so that you have one of those rapid-flow cuts - then I recommend dry it then instantly applying a dab of Driclor - which seals it with an invisible skin; as previously described: