Saturday 14 November 2015

Book recommendation: The Rithmatist, by Brandon Sanderson

This is a recommendation - not a review.

The Rithmatist is a 'hard fantasy' for teens, and is absolutely excellent - fascinating, funny, exciting; with glimpsed depths of religious seriousness.

So far. It is the first of a planned trilogy, and of course final judgement will need to be suspended.

I read it once - on Kindle - then listened to the audiobook - and on second encounter I enjoyed the book even more, and found it even better structured than I recalled.

It will be difficult to maintain the standard of the first volume, but if Sanderson manages to do this; then the trilogy will surely become a classic.  


David Stanley said...

Slow down Bruce, I've only just started Mr Norrell! Actually it is pretty good so far but the size is some what daunting.

Bruce Charlton said...

@David - If I slow down my novel reading any further, then I will grind to a halt! But don't rush Strange and Norrell...

David said...

I had encountered Brandon Sanderson a while ago when browsing the web for information about promising new authors in my favourite genres. The link above is for a regular podcast on creative writing by Brandon and his peers. I have listened to the first few and found it amusing/insightful about the creative writing process. With small 15 minute instalments on a specific topic they are very accessible.

Bruce Charlton said...

@David - I have known about Sanderson for a few years, but I don't read much fiction - I only tried the Rithmatist after it was recommended both by my wife and my son.

I have dipped into a couple of other novels by the same author, and found them to be at a somewhat lower level - a bit formulaic.

A professional author has to make a living, and cannot usually be too picky about what s/he publishes, and some are lighter and more 'genre' in nature.

I get the impression Sanderson realizes that the Rithmatist is one of his best, because he has delayed working on/ publishing the second part; he says he first wants to do more research.