Thursday, 5 November 2015

The God of Thunder - A limerick for kids

          The thunder god sat on his horse - 
          A brave and noble filly - 
         "I'm Thor!" - he cried.
          The Horse replied: 
         "Then fetch a thaddle, thilly!"

(Works best when spoken.)

Recollected from BBC 2 children's programme Play Away, recited by Brain Cant, circa 1974.


Karl said...

I'm sure it is a limerick at heart. We must embrace diversity in our limericks! To say this is not a limerick but a ballad stanza would be judgmental, divisive, and hurtful.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Karl - well, maybe not a true limerick; but it's more of a limerick than a ballad! - the 'true' ballad stanza has four lines and typically rhymes ABCB - as with:

There lived a lady in the West,
I neer could find her marrow;
She was courted by nine gentlemen
And a ploughboy-lad in Yarrow.

These nine sat drinking at the wine,
Sat drinking wine in Yarrow;
They made a vow among themselves
To fight for her in Yarrow. (etc)

Or AABB as with:

My love he built me a bonny bower,
And clad it a’ wi’ lilye flour
A brawer bower ye ne’er did see,
Than my true love he built for me.

There came a man, by middle day,
He spied his sport and went away;
And brought the king that very night,
Who brake my bower, and slew my knight. (etc)

I think I've also seen AABA... But nothing like The Thunder God!

The Crow said...

The plunder god cried from his horse,
"I'm Loki, god of jest!"
As all the ladies turned and fled,
he'd nowt on, but a vest.