Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The age of ideology has finished (Get over it!)

When the age of faith began, rather obviously, to come to an end in the 19th century; there emerged an age of ideology - of 'secular religions', and initially the secular ideologies shared some of the strength of conviction, and capability of generating motivation, that is characteristic of religion.

The hallmark of motivation is self-sacrifice. 

This led to the idea that ideology was, and could remain, a substitute for religion. 

The earliest of these powerful ideologies was nationalism - which was strong enough to create regime changes all over Europe and Scandinavia, then later in places like India and Africa, due to the intense and sustained motivation of its adherents.

But in all cases nationalism faded after about a generation - and there have not been any powerful nationalist movements in recent generations.

Communism came along next; and the earliest communists were dedicated and motivated - it seemed as if communism had the same kind of power to evoke self-sacrifice as did religion.

But, as with nationalism, the motivational power of communism (and other types of socialism) faded after a generation - and modern Leftism is feeble, corrupt and pampered.

(Old-time communists accepted jail, violence and death for their faith; but a modern Leftist is regarded as an 'activist' if he attends a 'demonstration', or takes a make-work job as an 'organizer'.)

Since communism there have been no secular ideologies with the power to evoke self-sacrifice - the age of ideology is long-since over.

Nowadays, if you are not religious you are not motivated. If you are not religious you will not be capable of significant self-sacrifice for your beliefs. 

We now know that there is no secular substitute for religion,

The future lies with one religion or another. It is a matter of choice between religions - ideology is not a valid choice.