Monday, 11 January 2016

The mass media overestimate the Western Masses

Every time there is some atrocity which contradicts the narrative of political correctness and reveals that the Western leadership is strategically operating to destroy the West; the mass media employ their range of cover-up techniques: ignoring the incident, drowning reports in boring bureaucratic prose (full of complex nuances, qualifications, and the use of 'alleged'), or someone whom the media dislike is blamed (right wing/ white nationalist extremists, Christians), or the focus fatalistically and despair-inducingly placed on people's misery, rather than what actually happened...

Or the focus is on the danger of 'backlash'.

The mass media are obviously terrified that if the Masses get to hear about what is going on in a timely and clear way - then they will 'backlash' - that is the Masses will rise-up and... well, put a stop to it... somehow.

In this they overestimate the Masses; as does almost everyone.

Nowadays, in The West, incidents and atrocities occur quite frequently which would - in the past - have caused instant and decisive reversal of policies, major changes of law, mass riots, civil wars, indeed inter-national wars - and nowadays they provoke... nothing at all.

The ruling Leftist elites are concerned that the Masses will rise-up and thwart them in their revolutionary projects - they are wasting their time: it won't happen.

The Right wing opposition are hoping and encouraging the Masses to rise-up and thwart the Left: they are wasting their time: it won't happen. 

The Western Masses are inert, cowardly, ineffectual - they get reality from the media, they don't believe common sense, they don't even believe the evidence of their own eyes.

The Western Masses are utterly demotivated: they won't do anything about anything unless there is a payoff in instant diversion or hedonism... and even then, they would probably rather get intoxicated.

It used to be said of some measure that public opinion 'would not stand for it' - he fact is that THE problem is the Western Masses have proven, again and again, that they will stand for anything.

Given that this is a fact, and that it will lead to the continuation of a strategy of utter and deliberate destruction of all Good things in the West by the Leftist Establishment - what is to be done?

What is needed is Motivation.

Where does motivation come from? The answer is given by considering where did motivation go?

My inference is that motivation went when religion died as an effective force in the West. It seems to me that the Masses of all Religious societies are a force to be reckoned with; but in non-religious societies they are not a force to be reckoned with: they are not any kind of force at all.

This fact does not, of course, mean that people can or should become religious in order to find motivation. That is not a reason to become religious - it is certainly not a reason to become Christian.

But the fact that the Masses, since the end of Christianity, have become so utterly contemptible in their short-termist, hedonic, bovine placidity should at least be noted as a consequence.

And people might reflect that if subtraction of Christianity from a culture can lead to the Masses ignoring gross and lethal atrocities occurring, repeatedly, on their own doorsteps: then maybe, perhaps, there was something to be said for Christianity after all...?