Thursday, 7 January 2016

What is going-on with global conspiracy theories?

I knew almost nothing about the world of large scope conspiracy theories, certainly no details, until I discovered a couple of years ago that somebody who I had once known quite well was actually the leader of one of the lesser known but still substantial groupings (having very detailed theories about alien Illuminati who control most of the major political and social systems).

(It was only yesterday I came across the idea that these members of the elites are a race of large reptilian shape shifters - apparently, I had unconsciously screened and edited-out this material in the past so it never reached awareness.)

Anyway, this old friend sent me links to his stuff which I sampled, and I had to form an opinion of it to make a response.

My overall view (and this includes the reptilian stuff I have only just heard about) is that these 'global conspiracy' people are mostly intelligent and well-informed individuals (my old friend is both of these), and that among a mass of errors and deliberate frauds, they are responding to a core of what might be termed some genuine 'underlying raw phenomena'.

(This is, in broad terms, the interpretative strategy of Fr Seraphim Rose in his book Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future of 1975 - when he looks at the upsurge in paranormal interest of the late sixties, including UFOs.) 

It is striking that some of the conspiracy theorists have for a long time been accurately describing - in specific detail - the grossly depraved sexual culture of the British Establishment since the nineteen sixties; of which most of us have only been aware since Jimmy Savile - but which continues to astonish and appall with its revelations. I would certainly have regarded endemic, pervasive elite paedophilia as the craziest of allegations; until I, like everyone else, was forced to accept the weight of evidence.

In a nutshell, my interpretation is that these global conspiracy theorists are essentially atheists who are describing what they can perceive of the actuality of Spiritual Warfare in the End Times. 

The conspiracy theories are about aliens; my guess is that the core of reality is demonic activity at the high levels of global society, and presumably some rare manifestations or detections of actual demons (who are said to be discarnate beings, but who can simulate human bodies). 

That is, reptilians = demons (and not aliens).

(Also, some'good aliens' may actually be angelic - in principle, Christians must accept that possibility.)

So that is what I said, and what I think is probably going on - global conspiracy theory is what you get when spiritually acute people notice the situation of spiritual warfare which has played-out on earth and through history; they are people who disbelieve the positive side of Christianity and therefore misinterpret the real activities of Satan and his minions and servants.

The result of this one-sided combination is a horrified and dread-full state of mind, in which the individual conspiracy theorist feels himself overwhelmed by the power and scale of purposive spiritual evil in this world, and sees no realistic hope for escape during mortal life, and no hope of opposite and compensatory supernatural good.

This state of mind can be experienced by engaging with their world for even a few minutes - the nature of the analysis leads strongly towards despair, and therefore indirectly supports the evil agenda (since despair is a sin) - which may perhaps be why propagation and discussion of such ideas is allowed to continue.

Indeed, this is what seems to happen with all secular groups who practise what they term Red Pill thinking - I mean those who develop a world view focused on the harsh-but-denied 'truths' of modern life.

If this perspective is taken seriously, on its own terms, such thinking must lead to horror, misery, dread and despair  - which is the inescapable state of mind of those of the ultra-radical anti-establishment anarchic Left who genuinely believe their own analysis.