Thursday, 26 May 2016

Death and the Dead

One of the very biggest blind-spots caused by the stunted materialism of modern thinking relates to death and the dead. So narrow and circumscribed are the thought processes of modern Man that it has become almost impossible even to think about these subjects.

Modern Man is obsessed and terrified by the process of dying - so much so that he wants to be killed humanely as soon as his quality of life dips below a certain thresholed; but what happens after death and the nature of our relationship with those who are dead is a matter given no more than a few seconds of facile thought (if that).

Yet most cultures in human history, and indeed many in the world today, have a great focus on death and the dead. Presumably modern Man regards this as no more than a total delusion (probably one that was, somehow, inclucated universally via 'priests' for reasons of social control).

If we are wrong, however - as I am sure we are wrong - then a massive and vital area of life has simply been deleted from human consciousness.

And that can't be a good thing, can it?