Wednesday, 18 May 2016

We are all concentration camp guards now. Jobs that do more harm than good to Christian goals - i.e. nearly all of them

A difficulty with living in a society run by an evil leadership class is that (from a Christian perspective) fewer jobs are good jobs; ever-more jobs do more harm than good.

Many jobs are explicitly and directly harmful (eg 'diversity' type jobs); but nearly all jobs - and essentially all well paid and high status jobs - do net-harm subversively and indirectly (which, in the long run, may be worse).

So the employee is rather in the position of a concentration camp guard: the harder he works, the more overtime he does, the more he studies to be effective: the more harm he does. The better he does his job, the worse it is for everybody.


I went into medicine with a notion of being in a job that did good; but as a newly qualified doctor I could not shake the feeling that overall I was doing more harm than good by routine over-investigation, over-treatment, medicalizing people's problems and lives... Well, if that was so for a doctor thirty-something years ago, how much more for most people now, and in most jobs.

It is not a matter of simply getting-out of the few bad jobs (e.g. avoiding the state bureaucracy and NGOs), but that - as secular Leftism has infiltrated and subverted more and more of life - finding anywhere better than you are now. For most people in The West, a change of job is simply to escape out of one frying pan and into another. Non-government frontline productive jobs may be more harmful than government/ diversity jobs; when it comes to PC witch-hunting and wicked mission statements the private sector is usually as bad as the public, and for the same reasons.

There is nowhere to escape to; and this is no accident - but all 'part of the plan'.


So, as Christians, we find ourselves in a situation where we our net efforts are directed to destroying that which we most value; and putting by-far the preponderance of our life efforts into the subversion, destruction and inversion of Christianity. And this is no accident but precisely the primary goal of 'teh system', and it becomes more so every year.

What is to be done? Firstly, and most importantly, we must be honest that this is our own exact personal situation - we ourselves are working against Christian goals - and must repent.

At present far too many Christians are defensive about the fact that they are paid to destroy Christianity and to oppose Christian goals (whether directly or indirectly). They solve their cognitive dissonance by lying to themselves and to others. They are eager to point-out that the work they do is 'at least' not as bad as X; or claim (perhaps truly) that they are always on the look-out for little ways in which to evangelize their co-workers, and 'do good' in a quiet way...

Fine and necessary, but it does not alter the basic fact of the case: A concentration camp guard may lay off the torture a bit, say a kind word here and there, may give prisoners a little extra treat from time to time - but he is still part of a system dedicated to torment and extermination.


If we can't do anything to change the system for the better (and probably we, personally, cannot) - then we must at minimum stop trying to deny that the system is overall and ever-more opposed to Christian good; and stop trying to convince ourselves and others that the system is not really all that bad.