Sunday, 15 May 2016

The meaning of life, your life, is about becoming more divine: in fact *that* is the meaning of everything...

The reason we are alive - why we are here, now as incarnated mortal Men - is so that we can become more divine, more God-like: the process of divinization, theosis, sanctification, spiritual progression.

This is why there exists the earth and all the people and things on it - as the place where we work on spiritual progression towards divinity. Indeed, that is why there is anything at all - it is the reason for creation - everything exists towards the primary purpose that some individual Men may (by their choice, and long, long endeavour and learning extending after mortal-death) become more and more like God, aiming for a distant time when some people can 'relate to' God on the same level.

The purpose of this life is not really 'salvation' - we are not born as mortal men in order 'to be saved'. The meaning of salvation is merely that a person has recognized that the true purpose of life is divinization. In other words, when you recognize that your purpose in life is spiritual progression towards a God-like nature, then you are saved - you have been saved.

When you, personally, recognize that the actual life you are living is for the purpose of you becoming more like God, then this is extraordinarily motivating and encouraging. Life becomes both mysterious (trying to understand what this goal means here and now, in the minutiae of daily life) while being sure that there is a real answer to the mystery.

With theosis as primary, my life and your life becomes an adventure, a trial (trial and error) like wandering through uncharted terrain towards an invisible but definite goal - with the process of learning being the main point here-and-now, but the direction of travel giving point to it all and ensuring that the overall experience is Good.

Only we, we ourselves as individuals, can do this - and we can do it. Everything necessary is within us or provided.

We are sure to make many mistakes - things seem set-up to guarantee that, presumably so that we can learn from recognizing them; therefore the key thing is not to try and avoid all possibility of mistakes, so much as to do the best you can manage and acknowledge and learn from your mistakes (this is called repentance).

Being a Christian is not about being Good, but about aiming for Good; it is not about avoiding error, but about acknowledging error. It is not about being saved, but of making proper use of the fact that we are saved (assuming we don't reject that salvation).

But Christian divinization is not about becoming the same as God, nor becoming the same as Jesus; it is about being the way God wants us to be - which obviously is to be (as we already are) unique individuals with unique experiences - such that each person will become (if he chooses and works long enough) an unique god: our-selves as a god (not some kind of replica of Jesus).

The vital importance of Jesus Christ is that he is our elder brother went before and achieved divinity - he made it possible and we know it is possible, because of Jesus.

To a large extent, therefore, our job in theosis is to do what God wants us to do, behave in the kind of way God wants us to behave (which is clearly enough known) - rather than to try and be like God, or Jesus, or any other personage.

Divinization is not a standard protocol and Men are not supposed to be 'clones; but each person has an unique path starting from where he or she actually is; all aiming at the same ultimate destination and according to the same basic rules - but each having very different experiences along the way.