Thursday, 11 August 2016

What are the best observable criteria for a successful country, society or culture? Three suggestions...

1. Religion: A vigorous, pervasive, personally-engaged, positively-inflected religious life.

2. Love: Above-replacement fertility rates; loving families are valued and usual.

3. Soul: Individuals who are acting-from their own souls (not passively-controlled by the external environment). This means relationships are deep and valid; and also means that what people do is expressive of their real selves. 

NOTE: I didn't mention anything about Peace, Prosperity or Comfort - because although they are very nice, they are at best a means to an end - and, lacking RLS, the country/ society/ culture lacks meaning, purpose or genuine relationships - so PP&C are merely ephemeral epiphenomena.

This analysis gives a very different result from the kind of survey which focus upon stats derived from the likes of Longevity, Health, Economics, Political systems, Crime, Violence, Education, Innovation etc.