Friday, 19 August 2016

Why are The Olympics so very important to the evil global Establishment?

It certainly seems to be the case that the current Olympic Games are something that the evil international conspiracy is very keen that we should engage with - in the mass media, attention to the subject seems to be directly proportional to advocacy of the secular Left Establishment agenda.

I can see lost of small ways in which the Olympics are themselves bad, and symbolise badness - but I can't really understand why the global are elite are so very, very keen on it.

Perhaps - as so often - there is one, key destructive 'message', smuggled-in among the hoo-hah and hullbaloo - and all the more effective for being implicit and in the background?...

Any suggestions?


  1. The opening ceremony may provide some clues. It was particularly egregious this time:

    The competitive part seems to channel otherwise positive feelings towards the globalist vision, inverting their purpose. The Olympics are a very western thing, making it specifically a tool of globalism is a signiicant inversion. Also, there is the stink of corruption from top to bottom. Everywhere from selecting the host nation to setting up the required infrastructure (and its subsequent waste) to the obvious enhanced physiques of the athletes, its rotten.

    I consider the worst part to be the high stakes physical competition of women. Besides tennis it is the only significant sports event where competing women are very significant. The dissolution of femininity is presented in ways both subtle and obvious. This dissolution is then lauded as an affirmation of femininity. Even people otherwise concerned about this issue do not generally recoil from women`s competition. Watching women with obvious steroid enhanced and masculinized V-shaped physiques compete sounds sick but you feel like rooting for them!

    Even in sports where some degree of grace was a factor, like (female) gymnastics, the trend is towards shorter, more powerful and stockier athletes who can rotate in the air more and balance themselves better on landing. The indian female gymnast competitor this year had an obvious steroid-pattern upper body (big lats, trapezius, popped out deltoids, relatively normal looking lower body). For that matter, the indian woman who won bronze in wrestling also obviously has such a physique. That should be a clue about what level the cheating is occuring on.

  2. Distraction (from the real problems in society).

  3. I.e. panem et circenses.

  4. Distraction? (That's a cop-out.) Perhaps simply as a platform to equate high performance with progressive aims and ideals.

    Probably 50–80% of the actions I observe in the media and by the elites are completely incomprehensible to me. I can sort of see *what* they're doing, and perhaps the first-order consequences, but I don't have the faculties to go further. Does that make someone like me a pawn or enabler? All we can do is pray and act with the wisdom we possess.

    One phrase that echoes in my discipleship is what Jesus said of Nathanael: "in whom there is no guile" (John 1:47). That's aspirational, but one consequence of that is going to be that the plots of the evil become either opaque or only illuminated by divine insight (not by plumbing their depths and means).

    Perhaps not so off-topic: I read *That Hideous Strength* recently, and it's snapped a lot of your recent media-related work into sharper focus.

  5. In the USA, one immediately notices from Olympic coverage the emphasis on women and blacks (and especially, black women!). This supports the Establishment agenda that women should be leaders, and that society and reality should be, and will be, organized around the needs of women. As you have noted, feminism is parasitic and destructive, and is destroying Olympic sports as it is destroying many other kinds of American sports. The emphasis on blacks (and a certain sect that I shall refrain from naming) supports the deliberately destructive, fanatical, suicidal Establishment agenda of open borders.

  6. Perhaps a release valve for nationalistic feelings?

    The other thing that seems significant is the growing group of athletes who live and train in one country, but compete for another. It supports a globalist open border idea which reduces identity to a flag and the colors of your jersey rather than strong familial or genetic ties.

  7. Thanks to you all for the suggestions.

    I suppose the take home message is that we don't need to know what exactly is going on behind The Olympics propaganda in order to recognise clearly and with certainty that its intentions are evil.

  8. To me, the whole thing seems just joyless. An evil mix of external activity which looks colorful and fun- and a disturbing kind of inner emptiness. The human body deployed with great focus and efficiency, toward an empty end. A self-glorification that is at the same time very debasing to human nature.

  9. Leni Riefenstahl set the style of all subsequent Olympics with her 1936 film, Olympia: The apotheosis of athleticism combined with neo-pagan spiritualized materialism. What recent events have added is a heavy emphasis on multi-culturalism and a creepy obsession with sex, e.g., all the stories about "sex in the Olympic Village" and how many condoms are being given out.

  10. Based on the commercials and type of coverage I see in the US, the whole focus is on egalitarianism (despite HBD implications of the actual results) and the wonderfulness of the God of Diversity.

  11. I watched the opening ceremony in 2012 in London and felt almost sick. I was so surprised at the depth of my revulsion that I had to work out why. The conclusion I came to was that it was an utter distortion of the traditional values of this country, rebranding it as a brave new world of multicultural diversity with any depth or true patriotic feeling completely expunged.

    As for the Olympics themselves don't they now represent the excessive pursuit of physical as opposed to moral excellence and the deforming of nature by the absurd amount of training undertaken by the athletes in their lust for victory. The spirit of amateurism is well and truly dead. The Olympics stand for a globalised humanity bent on celebrating the triumph of its own will with no thought of God.

  12. India does nothing whatever to encourage its citizens to devote their lives to trying to jump a quarter of a centimeter longer or higher than anyone else in human history.

    This is the kind of goal that totalitarian regimes set for their citizens (or perhaps they should be called prisoners). The Marquis de Custine observed a long time ago, in his great book Russia in 1839, that tyrannies demand immense efforts of their populations to bring forth trifles, and there can be no trifle more trifling than an Olympic record, or even a victory without a record.

  13. To me, the whole thing seems just joyless. An evil mix of external activity which looks colorful and fun- and a disturbing kind of inner emptiness.

    Great comment, even if it doesn't answer the "why" asked by the OP. Yes, I agree, I think one can tell that the Olympics are an Evil being Foisted Upon us precisely because of this: on the one hand they are so aggressively promoted even as, on the other hand, they are a joyless, empty spectacle. And then again, maybe this *does* partly answer the question: it's absolutely part of the demonic global agenda to force us to acknowledge as "fun" or "exciting" things that aren't really.

    I lost any interest in the Olympics after I learned that the Olympic villages are wanton, diabolic sexual orgies by night. I could root for athletes if I thought they really were exemplars of character as well as athleticism, young men and women to be emulated, but they don't seem to be.

    I suggest, then, that the Olympics promote several forms of evil. Part of it, as mentioned by others, is that they promote a deeply empty and humiliating globalism that, far from lifting up all cultures equally, makes us feel equally degraded, in a very Communist-esque fashion. That is the taste left in the mouth by the Olympics, whatever the theory may be.

    And then, as I say, part of the evil is the suggestion that even the Greatest and Most Talented Among Us are "only human" after-hours. It leaves one with the nagging feeling that if even the Most Talented People in the World can't restrain their lusts, then why should any of us?

  14. @SJ - Yes, the evil to the 'athletes' themselves is another aspect- plus the thousand-fold more people who have wasted their youth in mindless repetitive, self-obsessed 'training' only to fail to reach olympic standard (eg five hours a day ploughing up and down swimming pools).


  15. In the case of Rio the message was "Swimming thro' ***t is good for you"