Sunday 1 November 2020

Because we co-create the world...

It is a deep truth that we co-create The World: not just 'our' world, not just subjectivity, not just the world 'as we personally perceive it... But that we co-create the objective world*. God is the creator; Man lives as part of God's creation; and Man co-creates reality in the context of God's primary creation.

(We co-create The World including the world of 'science' - which is rooted in the false assumption that the whole truth of reality can be made the subject of a discourse between humans, which discourse ignores/ excludes human consciousness.)   

When our creativity is un-conscious - which it nearly always is - then it is un-free. 

Our un-conscious creativity is passively swept-along by external influences. Here-and-now this means that our un-conscious creative activity is being-manipulated


Because Modern Man chooses to be un-conscious of his co-creating; he can be and is manipulated in his activities by those Beings who are conscious of the reality of Man's co-creating, but who oppose God's work.

Our creat-ing is, in actuality, being-manipulated into destruction; into the destruction of divine creation. Human creation has been turned-against God's creation. 

That is the meaning of the prevalent and increasing value-inversion of these times. When Man's values are inverted - so sin is seen as virtue, ugliness beauty, and lies are truth - then Man's creative activities have-been turned-against God's primary reality. 

Man's un-conscious, manipulated creat-ing is then made destructive of divine creating.


In a nutshell: When Man is un-conscious of co-creating reality, he is un-free; and (thus self-blinded, thus self-made helpless), has-been manipulated into destruction --- Then, Man has joined-with Satan in the destruction of divine creation, of God's plan for our salvation and thesois, and of the Goodness this makes possible. 


And, since God is Love; therefore un-conscious Modern Man has joined Satan's mission against Love - his intent to dis-place and re-place Love with sin (e.g. pride, fear, resentment, despair, and their wages of death as chosen-annihilation of the spirit). 


But when Man's co-creating is conscious and freely-chosen; then we cooperate with God in the work of divine creation; we change the (objective, real) world: for the better. 

Therefore - unless we are objectively to aid in the Satanic work of destruction  - we must become aware of our work of co-creation; and we must choose (voluntarily, from our freedom) to work with God, to work on God's side

And doing this will, In Fact, make a better creation: a better world.


*This may best have been explained in Owen Barfield's book Saving the Appearances. The above post was stimulated by my reading (in a particularly intuitive mode of thinking) a strange and inspired lecture by Rudolf Steiner, from 1919.


MagnusStout said...

I'm trying to understand: what is "un-conscious (un-free) creative activity"?

Is it something like all thought & action flowing from rejection of God and His Plans? This seems to be closely connected to the concept of "sin" and the idea that "death" (both individually and collectively) is the result ("the wages of..."). Sin also seems to displace (at least before repentance) our theosis.

So, for example, if we refuse to fight Sauron, we might as well be part of his army and his march of death and unfreedom. I wonder if part of this "unfreedom" is the inability to think and reason ("Whom the Gods destroy, they first make mad")? The arbitrary denial of Truth is perhaps the most frightening thing about "1984": Winston is tortured until he finally denies Truth, to claim "2+2=5."

O'Brien explains the "logic" of all diabolically-inspired power: "I tell you, Winston, that reality is not external. Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. Not in the individual mind, which can make mistakes, and in any case soon perishes: only in the mind of the Party, which is collective and immortal. Whatever the Party holds to be the truth, is truth. It is impossible to see reality except by looking through the eyes of the Party."

As you've repeated stated on this blog, that is TheSystem. And, it can lead to the opposite of theosis--unfreedom: "Never again will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of living, or laughter, or curiosity, or courage, or integrity. You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty, and then we shall fill you with ourselves."

Bruce Charlton said...

"what is "un-conscious (un-free) creative activity"? "

It is normal, mainstream attitudes, thoughts and actions - as dictated and inculcated by The System.

Francis Berger said...

Good post. I completely agree with man's role as a co-creator. I used to think the vast majority of people who chose destruction over creation did so purely from a position of metaphysical confusion/value inversion - i.e. they were blind to the evil in which they willingly engaged or sincerely believed they were doing good rather than evil - but things have become too obviously discernible for this notion to hold any water now.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - Strange days indeed. Everyday public life (properly experienced) feels like a combination of all the weird dystopian fictions of the past century.