Thursday 26 November 2020

Demonic servant, unconscious dupe and psychotic berserker: three different ways of being wrong about 2020

As I sample the mass of material being written; I have come across three different ways of being wrong about 2020. 


1. The demonic servant of Satan - the purposively evil

These people recognise that 2020 has been a world-historical watershed - but they like it; and want more of the same!

These are the people are are pushing the 2020 agenda in one or all of its manifestations - The Great Reset/ Build Back Better and UN Agenda 2020. 

They fail the three current Litmus Test manifestations of being on the dark side in the spiritual war, by actively supporting one or more of: 

1. The birdemic lock/ down/ social/ distancing/ masking 'response to the fake epidemic;  

2. The antiracism/ MLB stuff;

3. Climate/ Change/ Emergency/ Green/ Sustainable stuff. 

(And behind this is their approval of the long term sexual revolution agenda, through its various mutations and continual escalations.) 


2. The unconscious dupe - the minions of Satan

These are the people who just haven't noticed anything special about 2020. 

Who carry on with their little burblings and warnings and pleas about society and politics; as if nothing much had happened. 

The tone of their writing (and speech) is unmistakeable, immediately recognisable. These are the smug, 'concerned', nice, compassionate, pragmatic, self-blinded fools. 

At some point, probably repeatedly; these 'useful idiots' have (like everybody) been personally confronted by the horrible reality of the 2020 global totalitarian coup, its psychopathic and deliberate evil; but they have chosen to push this aside, to disregard it. 

Not to 'get carried away', not to 'over-react'; to anticipate a return to normal, soon; so long as 'decent' people remain civil, tolerant, non-judgemental... 

The dupes function as the low-level serfs and slaves of the powers of evil - the orcs-in-lipstick and trolls-with-sharp-suits of the dark lord. 


3. The psychotic hallucinators

These delusional characters are less common than the above; but I have seen several instances. 

On the one hand, they recognise that 2020 has been a watershed in history, and they (overall) deplore the changes; but on the other hand, they blame 2020 on the birdemic! 

They really believe that the birdemic is an unprecedented threat to humanity, that rightly demands unprecedented societal response to combat it - all of which is unfortunate but, sadly, necessary. 

These mad-men and -women are seriously focused on the Deep Reasons as to why this terrible viral scourage has happened her and now - and what this tells us about the sorry state of society, medicine, politics, international relations, and our civilization. 

They regard the birdemic as some kind of judgment visited upon mankind... 

In their delirious minds; they perceive positive test results as hundreds of millions of prostrated, near-comatose patients; they vividly visualise besieged hospitals suffocating under an apocalypse of incoming virus-riddled zombies; they can discern virus victims in secret warehouses - in vast heaps, stacked like firewood; dead bodies of children, youths and young adults strewing the city streets...

These are the devil's berserkers: crazed maniacs released upon the world - playing-out their fantasy roles; saving mankind by rampaging against all that is valuable in normal human life and relationships.


Athough varying in degrees of corruption; in 2020 all three ways of being wrong indicate the person is on the wrong side in the spiritual war: the side of Satan. 

Because this is a spiritual war which has now come to the point where everybody has taken-sides. 

And if you are not on the side of God, Divine Creation and The Good - then you are working against it. 


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Do you think members of the third category actually exist in appreciable numbers? My default assumption is that anyone who appears — now, almost a year into this thing — to have drunk the birdemic koolaid is a liar and in fact belongs to the first category. No one is that stupid.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm - Of course, my reading habits are not random - but here is an example:

Joannefrances said...

I have plenty of intelligent friends who are in category 3. Their irrational fear dominates their thinking.

William Wildblood said...

I read that link Bruce. It supports the old idea that esoteric truths should not be made available to spiritually unprepared minds.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Yes. The person involved sounds to me probably an actively psychotic individual; which may be an effect as well as a cause.

But I have read similar things written by other Anthroposophists - apparently sane, and by ordinary doctors/ scientists who do not see beyond their professional persepctive, and do not acknowledge the depth and duration of of dishonesty in public discourse (including science).

David Earle said...

Sorry to be off topic, but it occurred to me while watching this "Q" video that Q fits the description of the anti-christ.

Claims the "true enemy" are certain politicians and celebrities, rather than you know, Satan. Uses lots of Christian vernacular and imagery. Just "trust the plan" rather than say, trusting Jesus...

a_probst said...

@Bruce @William

Would these be examples of "Anthroposophistry"?