Wednesday 4 November 2020

The greatness of God

The greatness of God is, in a sense, 'incomprehensible'; but only in the way that an adult parent's motivations are incomprehensible to a young child. 

The unlikeness of God to ourselves is vast; yet there is 'qualitative' sameness, based on sameness of kind, and the love of God.

(We are literally God's beloved children - literally, not 'biologically'.)


Otto said...

If, according to Mormon theology, God the Father is incarnate (has a body of "flesh and bones") then we should also be the "biological" children of God, or not?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Otto - Not. It is spirits that are procreated in Heaven, initially.

Incarnation is primarily 'about' agency, free will, autonomy. It represents that 'the self' is bounded.

The realm of divine creation (including procreation of spirit children) is in a realm where thinking-of-the-real-self is the agent of creating.