Saturday 10 April 2021

The birdemic-peck-plan: is it a strategy for managed giga-death?

There is a fluctuating awareness that the global governments (or its spokesmen) often express-a-desire/ state-a-need for the world population to become some billions fewer than its present level of seven-billion-plus (and growing). 

Since 'giga' is the term meaning 'billions' - we could term this the giga-death-plan (although I previously casually misnamed it 'mega'-death'). 

The most usual current rationale is that giga-death is both necessary and overall A Good Thing because... the Big Lie of CO2-climate-emergency-extinction etc. 

Yet, setting aside such evil nonsense; I believe that giga-death is inevitable because of the collapse of the global System, which is itself inevitable for many reasons - including the large decline in average (and peak) human intelligence, and the genetic degradation of the human species; both of which have already happened, and the effects are working-through.  

On top of this is the Western cultural combination of self-hatred and despair; which is leading to a the long-term, mostly-unconscious, civilizational suicide of Leftism

Since early 2020; this ideology is now globally-dominant through a totalitarian (covert) government; and is pursuing civilization suicide with unprecedented single-mindedness of motivation. 

I assume that there is probably a synergy at the high level of world governance between the fools who believe that population giga-death is a good thing because 'Global Warming' - and the realists who know that it is going to happen anyway

The death of billions over a medium timescale (months and years) is unprecedented - because there have never before been billions alive to die

Given the beings involved; I suppose They see their role (as evil psychopathic parasites and careerist bureaucrats) being to 'manage' this process of giga-death. 

(Indeed, few things could give such excitement, lust and glee to such beings; as organizing mass death in a 'controlled' fashion - especially when they are not going to be held responsible and can just sit-back and 'enjoy the show'.) 

From their Ahrimanic perspective; the major problem is to have mass deaths but in such a fashion that the System does not break down.

Probably this is best achieved if the Establishment are 'seen' to be 'trying' to prevent and to stop mass death... 

In other words - billions dying, but deniablyYes, planned giga-death but sufficiently distanced from the decisions of those who make it happen that the link is non-obvious ( least to the modern mind). 

These, I think, is where the mandatory birdemic peck of genetic engineering comes-in; with its multiple boosters to follow. 

The mass birdemic peck is, of course, not needed in the first place - and serves mainly as part of a sequence of cumulative fake-responses to the global non-problem of the virus. A this level it is designed simply to sustain Big Lies and wrong assumptions fuelling the fake-response to the fake-danger of the disease.

But there is more to it than this. Medically speaking, mass deployment of the genetic pecks goes beyond justification from mere panic or recklessness by such a margin as to qualify as a deliberate, colossal, intentional and open-ended program for killing

As such, it is capable of being used to attain a wide range as possible of lethal mechanisms; these spread across a sequence of the many/ lifelong follow-up, compulsory pecks that are being envisaged...

(After all, it is trivially easy to harm and kill people with pharmaceuticals; compared with the extreme difficulty of improving overall health and/or delaying death.) 

The birdemic-peck giga-death-plan is not the only plan to contribute to the desired goal of giga-death. But compared with the main alternatives - such as mass-starvation, -poisoning and -lethal-violence - medically-induced death may be the most likely to escape detection, and be accepted with minimal disruption.

The birdemic peck plan for giga-death - if it works, which it may not (and They are increasingly incompetent; for much the same reasons that seven billions of people cannot be sustained) - is thus the least likely Big Killer to arouse suspicion of malign intent. 

Mass-pecking seems the least likely 'hit' to trigger resistance, and the most likely to maintain mass support for the continued viability of The System and Establishment. 

After all, somebody will be needed to 'manage' the 'human tragedy' of billions of sick, dying and dead. W.H.O. better than those that planned and organized it? 

And finally - what of the spiritual dimension that is driving this whole thing? How does this particular mode of planned giga-death fit with the over-arching motive of mass human damnation? 

I think it fits well. It is continuous with the very successful strategy of the past year - where the world has been put under and evil-orientated system without objection and with considerable support. 

It is the spiritual goal of evil that people must want evil. To be damned; they must ultimately agree to, and in a sense invite, their own torment - and regard their suffering as necessary and 'good'. 

We have a global System of value-inversion and denial of God and creation. That System is a boat, blithely sailing to Hell, which the powers of evil do not wish to rock, or to risk having-capsized...

If giga-death is coming, and if it was violent and chaotic and acute; this might trigger a spiritual awakening. 

People might cry to God de Profundis - 'from the depths' of their existential despair they may look-up and perceive light and hope...

That is what the demons most fear. If that happens, on any scale, all their successes of 2021 would be turned against them.   

Note: Am I sure about the above? No. How could I be? But it does explain the facts as we know them; and I do think it is probable - given what we now (for sure) regarding the motivations of those with most power. 


Serhei said...

Spiritually, the main danger of an intensified 'Planetary Hospital' scenario brought on by a bad peck would be the ongoing mutual resentment and contempt between victims and non-victims of the peck in the lead-up to mass-death.

Bruce Charlton said...

@S. Thats the resentment sin of the modern triad - fear and despair are the others.

William Wildblood said...

If this scenario is correct then we should expect increased calls to start pecking the young, presumably excused on the grounds that this will protect the vulnerable.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - My understanding is that UK children are scheduled for the later summer - or at least the idea has been 'floated'; which usually means a rigid plan - is that wrong?

The 'official' WHO/ Gates plan is that everybody in the world needs to be pecked repeatedly, forever.

whitney said...

What are they going to do with all the bodies? I mean it takes like 3 hours to burn a human to Ash and tons of energy. Soylent green?

In my work I don't have to interact with people that often which I'm very grateful for because it seems like most people have gone insane but the other day,just one day, I talked to the 30 year old son of a client who is in town to get his shot and he would be here for four weeks until he could get a second. I really didn't know what to say I said well congratulations. I had another client call me one of the first thing she said was have you gotten your shots yet. I said I was waiting for FDA approval. It threw her a little bit because she didn't realize that the "vaccine" is not FDA-approved and in fact experimental. And then I was waiting outside pick up food and there was a young couple in their twenties talking about getting the vaccine. You cannot get away from this stuff. It's incredible. I am trying to keep all my thoughts focused on God

Bruce Charlton said...

@W - What's their motto? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... I suppose recycle. Circle of Life and all that jazz.

Otto said...

The movie Soylent Green (1973) takes place in the year 2022.
As someone said, there are no coincidences...

Monomachos said...

So what is the fate for those who perish having chosen to take the peck? Condemned as a form of suicide?

Bruce Charlton said...

@M. Everybody's fate is individual, we are saved or self damned one at a time. I have suggested fear, resentment and despair as the most characteristic modern sins, which the System seems to be focusing on encouraging. But these are just categories of reasons why people reject the gift of following Jesus.

Otto said...

"The 'official' WHO/ Gates plan is that everybody in the world needs to be pecked repeatedly, forever. "

I think the strategy will be to blame the mass deaths caused by the current peck* on the latest 'variant strain' of the birdemic, thereby requiring a new peck again ad infinitum.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Otto - Well I don't know; but the great thing is that the principle has been established, and the legal framework is in place, for multiple pecks (with open-ended actual content) - i.e. The Peck is already many different treatments, and this can be increased open-endedly. The many pecks could (already legally) be including types that will have many and variously delayed and diverse adverse consequences. The bad outcomes will likewise probably be of many types, e.g. in many organ systems (including autoimmune); and some pecks will probably interact adversely with infective agents as well. My point is that the manifestations of harm, and causes of death, may be so various as to be deniable (i.e. deniable in the context of mass-modern incoherent crippled thinking and gullibility). There would be no need to pin them on any *single* natural cause, such as a variant.

Otto said...

“ There would be no need to pin them on any *single* natural cause, such as a variant.”

But then there would be no longer an excuse for the continuation of the global lockdown-social-distancing regime. So my expectation of the narrative is that they will perpetually announce newer and more deadly ‘mutations’ to justify the continuation of the current state of emergency.

TonguelessYoungMan said...

Wouldn't this poison peck plan naturally favor people who didn't get the peck, those who are presumably more skeptical of the system? It would be like selectively breeding the general population to hate you.

The elites want to kill off (or render sick, infertile etc.) their biggest supporters?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Otto - Fair point- but I am expecting a new excuse for the GLSD regime to be launched soon. I don't know what it will be - but I seem to sense something is in preparation and due.

Bruce Charlton said...

@TLM - Giga-death must, surely, be a very broad brush phenomenon; and the significant human global strategic leadership is an extremely small proportion (and number) of people. I really don't think they would care who in particular, among the billions of masses, was killed in this particular causal wave of death. After all, any cause of giga-death would itself trigger several other secondary causes from infrastructure (System) breakdowns (starvation, violence, toxicity, and epidemics etc).

Bruce Charlton said...

From a comment by Jake:

"It's been slowly dawning on me over the past year how brilliant this Moonraker-light plan is, if it is actually happening. I kept doubting my intuition that this is really happening, but I keep seeing evidence in plain site that it is happening.

"... A retired nurse, told me of at least three people severely impacted by the birdemic peck, including a 41 year-old ... Her daughter found her dead a day or two after the peck, supposedly of a heart-attack or something similar, despite having no history of heart trouble.

"...US (and British and Australian) militaries experimented on their own soldiers with a dangerous, experiment anthrax peck, killing and maiming thousands. It was then clear to me that yes, "they" would do this. Most of the doers would be ignorant or true believers, but there is no doubt that some select few know, at least somewhere in their spirits, what they are doing.

"Most people don't believe in evil, nor the demonic, thus they simply can't believe that such a plan or goal is possible.

"...My Buddhist/atheist friend admitted, when I went through possible problems with these new pecks, that he might die of the peck. He said, "well, I've had a good life, so if I die from the peck, so be it."

"Why is he willing to die from the peck, but yet is so afraid of the birdemic with such a low mortality rate? That doesn't make sense to me. I missed the opportunity to ask, but may ask him about that."

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jake - Why the peck but not the birdemic?

Expediency, pure and simple - following the path of least resistance without looking more than one step ahead.

Don't look for coherence - there is none, and none is sought.

A said...

I thought it was most likely the agent had a sterilization effect because we know this has been experimented with (under the guise of "birth control") and the reported infertility in Africa after some peck programs.

The media would simply promote this as a benefit or not a big deal and most people would go-along. Freed from the "burden", etc. This theme is already pushed heavily, and liberal associates told me it is a good thing the birdemic caused lower fertility because "it may save the planet".

This would take only one generation.

Assuming things are more desperate, or they are more impatient, I think this will be confirmed by widespread messaging supporting suicide soon. Necessary for the planet, or something. Easy way out of the suffering caused by (food shortages? peck side effects? scary birdemics?)

We know that while Satan hates God, he also hates his own. Strictly by numbers, and this may be totally wrong, you might want to harvest many of your own damned while leaving "the elect" alone on the hopes you may yet lead them astray through times of greater trial?