Sunday 29 March 2020

The Big Sleep... Where is this thing going?

My understanding is that people are about a thousand times too worried about the possible risks from the birdemic; and about a million times not-worried-enough about the disastrous global collapse that will inevitably be caused by the global shutdown and confinement - which is supposedly a 'response' to the birdemic.

It is worth asking ourselves, for at least a few minutes each day: Where is this thing going?

For me, this unpacks to the question of What They (i.e. those who created the current situation) are aiming-at.

(I mean, aiming at in a materialist sense - since this is a spirual war, their ultimate aim will no doubt be mass self-chosen damnation, and gratification of their own sinful desires. But They are materialists, and thus believe that specific material situations will reliably produce specific spiritual consequences.)

It was some considerable time ago that the response became disconnected from the problem - with harmless/ beneficial outdoor activities now being forbidden and publicly vilified. It's pretty clear that the aim is for the mass of people to stay indoors pretty much all of the time - only connecting with the external world via media (for as long as these are provided).

As the bodies fail to pile-up; yet the lockdown keeps getting intensified and extended, with continual threats of further extensions; it is clear that either there is an utter recklessness concerning the consequences in terms of a truly massive civilizational collapse - or else these consequences are exactly the primary aim.

But even if that is accepted (as it surely will be, sooner or later, by most people) - there remains the question of why?

Is this a Big Sleep strategy? A mass kill? It does look more and more like the preparation for a multi-pronged plan abruptly to end the era of the industrial revolution, and to kill-or-let-die (?) several billion people in short order.

The first stage is that people are confined in their homes under curfew, and troops mobilized and on the streets - which we are told is happening at present.  (This is current explained with the rationale of the military 'helping' with the response to the birdemic; and that may be how it would start, but it is not how it would finish.)

Then - presumably - some of the usual combination of famine, violence and pestilence will do the rest?

But, perhaps I should say that this will happen, whether planned or not; because I suppose it is possible that since demonic thinking is so deeply permeated and interwoven with lies; they may believe they are building a brave new (transhumanistic) world in line with their leftist, 'environmentalist', ideals.

The Ahrimanic-bureaucratic types who run our world believe in the reality of simplified materialistic 'models' (like those managerial flow charts used in quality assurance auditing), and that people are interchangeable units who merely need to follow protocols - They may not realize what they are doing...

I'm not sure about this system-collapse-mega-death scenario, but it seems very probable. And the longer this shut-down continues, the more comprehensive the shut-down, the further ahead are the projections for its continuation - the more a massive and irreversible global collapse of many kinds of production becomes unavoidable.

Once it starts happening, it will accelerate by positive feedback as supplies run-out and cannot be replaced; and lost supplies of one thing causes losses of others in a multiplicative way (like multi-system failure in the human body).

In the big picture; it may well be that even mass death is preferable to the alternative. That alternative being techno-totalitarian future, the comprehensive system of omni-surveillance and micro-control, the damnation-torment-machine; which was being implemented step-wise up until the past month.

Indeed, many of the Establishment are still implementing this scheme with accelerated speed during this crisis, and are hoping it will advance unopposed under the birdemic excuse (omni-surveillance and micro-control have taken vast strides in the past few weeks).

But it seems obvious to me that when global civilization collapses, it will also bring down the means of techno-totalitarianism: global governance will very quickly become impossible. 

If we understand where we are headed, we understand better what is happening to us. There isn't anything we personally can Do about stopping this (at least, nothing material we can do); firstly because if the Global Establishment wants to pull down the world, they have the power to do so; and secondly because apparently a large majority of the masses actively desire to be locked-up for their own protection; and told exactly what to think, believe and do. 

This stuff is something I think we need to take cognizance of each day, at least briefly - and then get-on with living in the present and eternity.


Bruce Charlton said...

@O - I don't want to post topical links (as a rule).

Otto said...

Understood; but by what methods should one then answer the question in this post? By intuition alone, unguided by observation?

S. F. Griffin said...

"But it seems obvious to me that when global covilization collapses, it will also bring down the means of techno-totalitarianism: global governance will very quickly become impossible."

The Unabomber strategy delivered by panic inducing crows.

As a jailed mathematician and given current events, I wonder if he wishes he'd gone into statistical modeling rather than bombing as a means of inducing terror, panic, and societal collapse.

Bruce Charlton said...

@O - There is no 'method' to know intention of others; that is why it is impossible to change somebody else's mind on the subject; and foolish to try.

Jacob Gittes said...

It's so true how 90% or more of the people I talk to embrace their newfound slavery.
A few do not.
But I also note that a large percentage of people seem oddly energized by the fake plandemic. It's as though their lives seem to have new meaning from watching the endless nonsense on the TV news.

I do not watch TV news, at all, but am forced to hear it occasionally when visiting certain people.

The local mayor seems to think he's channeling Churchill, talking about the "challenge to our generation, just like the WWII generation." It's laughable. He's a man with no ability to think for himself.

Well, onwards.

The most important beings in my life are: my son. My dog. The developing bond with the woman, which is getting better all the time, despite certain issues. How ironic that my spiritual health and direction have been improving over the past year, as the outer world devolves into utter insanity.